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Infraca and Stanair have worked together for a long time. As one of the most trusted manufactuers of a ranfge of doors, we can trust in their quality and expertise.  

All doors installed by Stanair are high quality, durable and low maintenance to ensure a long industrial door lifespan. This is especially true of Infraca doors.  
Infraca offer a range of specially designed Industrial Cold Room Doors - which are specially designed for conservation , freezing or freezing tunnes. Perfect for any type of commerce, store, supermarket, hotel or food factory.  
Not only that but they offer a range of Industrial High Speed Doors (Rapid Actions) which are perfect for areas of high traffic and thanks to their IF10VF control panel, you can configure the door's opening and closing cycle as you need it.  
Providing the best solution to our customer's needs is central to Stanair that is why we only supply and install from the best.  
INfraca Internal Fold Up Rapid Action Door
High Speed Doors 
Infraca High Speed Doors are perfect for areas with high traffic and the need for quick opening and closing manoeuvres. Thanks to the IF10VF control panel, it’s possible to configure the door as you need it.  
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External Fold Up Rapid Action Door
Cold Room Doors 
It's an all too common problem. You need to have your door wide open to receive deliveries and keep the access channels open. We understand. However, this leaves you open to many risks to your security, your energy bill and (in the middle of winter or the height of summer) the comfort of your employees. Not to mention the intrusion of unwanted pests which can stop your production altogether. 
Our external High Speed Doors only stay open as long as they are needed. Therefore, they don't affect the access and exit to your premises whilst saving you time, money and energy. 
To learn more about the benefits of an External Fold Up Door and the options available to you, contact one of our experts today. 
External Roll Up Rapid Action Door
Service Doors 
Want all the benefits of the External Fold Up Door but need to use all of your available door height? Then don't worry. We can supply External Roll Up Doors which mean that the whole curtain is wrapped around the barrel. This means, unlike a Folding External High Speed Door, there will be no overhanging flap at the top of the door. 
As well as this extra flexibility in height, an External Roll Up Door offers all the protection and benefits of a Rapid Action Door when it comes to maintenance, reliability and saving on costs. 
To learn more about the benefits of an External Roll Up Door and the options available to you, contact one of our experts today. 
Lager doors and extra wind protection
Fire Rated Doors 
A common question we are asked is 'What sizes do Rapid Action Doors come in?' Our answer? 'Whatever size you would like!' 
If you have a large opening which is exposed to the elements, you may have concerns about installing an External High Speed Door. However, there are options available to you which mean your door can safely withstand storm force winds. This is achieved through the use of wind bars placed within the curtain which give extra stability and strength in extreme conditions. 
They are also fully customisable in terms of colour, design or use of vision windows. 
Whatever you and your premises need, our experts can deliver. Find out more by clicking on the button below. 
Fly screen/mesh doors
Fly-screen/Mesh Doors 
A cost effective solution to allowing air to circulate in your premises whilst also controlling the access of airborne pests is the installation of a rolling or folding Mesh Door. These tear resistant fly-screens are designed to function alongside your main security Roller Shutter to provide extra peace of mind and help to minimise disruption to your production from heat, pests or weather. 
They can withstand high winds and extreme temperatures and are easy to use and maintain. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and thicknesses, you can choose the best fit for your business. 
Contact us to find out more and receive a free quote from one of our independent experts. 
Clean room and food factory internal rapid action doors
Clean Rooms/Food Factory 
We can supply doors which are multi-composite, smooth surfaced and weld free and will ensure full compliance with the requirements of clean environments. The curtain is corrosion and paint free and the curtains themselves are designed to absorb any impact without distortion. 
These doors can also divide work and service areas through their use as an 'airlock'. Their speed, durability and range of control options means they are convenient, fully compliant to ISO14644-1 standard and are bespoke to you and your needs. 
Want to find out more? Click on the button below to get in touch with one of our friendly and expert staff. 
Chiller and Freezer rapid action doors
Chiller and Freezer Doors 
We offer a range of specialist doors which can help protect your goods and staff from any potential contamination as well as being engineered to be reliable and effective in the harshest of Freezer areas. They can help prevent condensation build up, offer a motor de-icing system and offer an effective thermal barrier. Not only that, but adjoining chilled and deep freeze environments can maintain their respective temperatures through the use of a triple layer curtain. 
Added to this is the opportunity to reduce your energy consumption by up to 32%. 
Still not sure? We can help you make the right selections for you and your business. Click below to find out more. 
Types of operations available for Rapid Action Doors
Types of Operation 
Manual Operation - Doors can be opened using a hand chain. 
Push Button - These allow personnel to enter and exit freely. Mushroom head push buttons can be installed if their hands are not always free. 
Pull Cords - These allow for forklift drivers to open the door without leaving their vehicle. 
Remote Control - These can be hand-held or housed within a forklift truck. These allow the user to operate the door as they need it. 
Radar: Only personnel or vehicles with a transmitter can open or shut the door. 
Photocell: These monitor the threshold of your doorway. A beam of light connects two posts (think of vaults in movies with the red beams of light). When those beams are broken by an approaching vehicles or person, the door will open automatically. 
Overhead Sensors: These allow for the detection of moving and stationary objects through a variety of means. 
Induction Loop: An Induction Loop creates a magnetic field in the floor in front of the door. A metal object moving within this field will be automatically detected - especially useful for forklifts. 
Our expert and experienced surveyors can advise you on the best options for you and your premises. Just click on the button below to get started. 
External Fold Up High Speed Door
Internal Fold Up High Speed Door with warning signage and height restrictor
Orange External Roll Up High Speed Door
Pair of external fold up High Speed Doors in yellow
Internal Roll Up High Speed Door
External Roll up High Speed Door
External Fold Up High Speed Door
Internal Roll Up Clean room door

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