PVC Strip Curtains and Crash Doors 

PVC Strip Curtains and Crash Doors 

PVC Strip Curtains - external
PVC Strip Curtains  
PVC strips are a economical way to partition different areas of your site, to control pest access and control temperature. With a range of thicknesses available depending on whether they are to be used for pedestrian or vehicular access, we can help you to select the best ones for you.  
Made from High Quality Extruded PVC, our range of PVC Strip Curtains are suitable for a range of applications and purposes.  
Features include
Cost effective temperature control 
A reduction in your energy bills 
Improved workplace safety and visibility 
Can suit any opening 
Helps to exclude birds and other pests. 
Helps to reduce noise and dust 
Temporary or permanent partitioning 
Internal or External hanging 
A range of thicknesses, widths and colours available.  
We can also provide Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains which have the added benefits of creating a better seal, being more energy efficient and helping to prevent scratches on the strips. Thus visibility stays better for longer.  
Not sure what would be best? Our expert surveyors will be able to advise you on the best choices for you and your business. 
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Clear PVC Strip Curtains - Plastic, clean room use

Temperature Control PVC 

Polar PVC strips are designed to help keep in the cold air in your cold store or freezer whilst making access easier for your employees. The strips will remain flexible up to minus 40 degrees Celsius and are suitable for either pedestrian or vehicular traffic.  
PVC Strip Curtains can help you and your site more cost effective by helping to maintain temperature controlled areas such as cold stores and freezers.  
Features include: 
Cost Effective Temperature control 
Remains flexible up to minus 40 degrees 
Improved safety and visibility 
Range of thicknesses and colours available 
Water Resistant 
Will not corrode or rust 
Easy to maintain and clean 
Lightweight and user friendly 
Saves money on the energy bills 
Keeps access clear and easy 
We can also provide Anti-Static Strip Curtains for areas where reduced static is essential.  
Not sure what would be best? Our expert surveyors will be able to advise you on the best choices for you and your business.  
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Double Leaf PVC Crash Doors with vision panels
PVC Crash Doors 
Crash Doors are a strong and durable solution for high traffic areas. They are easy to clean, come with a variety of visibility options and are designed to be strong and long lasting - even in the most demanding environments.  
Our Crash Doors are available in single or double leaf and usually come equipped with door protection which can include polypropylene bumpers and a variety of visibility options including all clear PVC Swing Doors, Half and Half Swing Doors and Panelled Doors.  
Features include: 
Water Resistant 
Will not warp or corrode 
Lightweight and user friendly 
Ideal for heavy traffic 
Door Frame options to suit all openings 
Double Action Hinges 
Easy to clean and Hygienic 
Range of sizes, colours and thicknesses available. 
Energy Efficient  
Long Lasting and low maintenance 
Not sure what would be best? Our expert surveyors will be able to advise you on the best choices for you and your business. 
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Can you install PVC Strip Curtains in my warehouse? 
Of course we can. We can install a wide variety of PVC Strip Curtains to your premises whether for indusrial purposes, energy efficiency or creating a better temperature controlled environment. Whatever your need, we can supply it.  
Often used in conjuntion with a High Speed Door, they offer an econonical alternative to an Airlock System in helping to protect from dust, pests and heat escape.  
Why choose to install PVC Strip Curtains? 
PVC Strip Curtains are an economical choice of seal against pests, temperature changes whilst also maintaining good visibility. They are easy to look after, easy to clean and can offer both temperature and pest control. Want to know more about how PVC Strip Curtains can help you abnd your business? Check out our blog post 'PVC Strip Curtains: What are they good for?' here. 
My PVC Strip Curtain is damaged. Should I replace the whole curtain? 
It very much depends on how much of the curtain is damaged. As the PVC Strip Curtain is made out of individula strips of PVC, this means that only the damaged strip needs replacing. If all the strips in your curtain are damaged, it may be time to retire your old PVC Strips and replace them. Better yet, look into installing a High Speed Door or an airlock system for even better sealing and savings.  
Do PVC Strip Curtains come in different widths, lengths and thicknesses? 
Yes they do. It depends very much on what you want your PVC Strip Curtain to do. Their thickness, width and the amount that they overlap with each other will depend on why they are bring used. We would install a lighter and thinnner PVC Strip Curtain if it is being used in a mainly personnel area whereas for areas that see more heavy traffic (such as forklifts or other vehicles) a thicker strip would be used. The great thing about PVC Strip Curtains is that they are resilient to damage, easy to maintain and use. 
Not sure which type is best to use? Our experts will be able to advise you on the best type of PVC Strip to use to make your curtain as efficient as possible.  
Can I use my PVC Strip Curtains alongside my High Speed Doors? 
PVC Strip Curtains can be used to add an extra layer of insualtion to your exisiting doors. A lot of heat can escape through your doors and, an open door, leaves you vulnerable to pests as we discuss in our blog post 'pests and prevention'.  
By having Stanair install PVC Strip Curtains at your facility, you are adding to the already present ebnergy saving benefits of your Rapid Action or High Speed Doors. Add to this that they are easy to use, you never have to worry about shutting them and we can arrange a bespoke fitting and service - you can enjoy full peace of mind that Stanair have you covered. 
Do you only supply PVC Strip Curtains? 
No. Although we do install, supply and repair a wide range of bespoke PVC Strip Curtains. We can also provide you with a PVC Crash Door. (or Impact Resistant Doors) 
These come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms including all clear PVC Swing Doors, Half and Half Swing Doors and Panelled Doors. 
Popular with hospitals, restaurants and supermarkets (to name just a few) these doors offer a hygienic access point, are resilient against damage and can help make your site more energy efficient. How? They help create a seal between environments and can be used in warehouses and factories just as much as for personnel.  
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