Industrial Roller Shutter Doors 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors 

We provide and install a wide range of Roller Shutter Doors for a variety of applications and industries. Whether you are looking for insulated doors, rapid opening doors or electrically operated doors, we can help.  

Our roller shutter doors are made from strong galvanised steel and provide optimal safety. At Stanair we provide bespoke sizes tailored to your requirements, offering both built-in roller shutter doors and bolt-on roller shutter doors to suit your premises. 
All of the doors installed by Stanair are high quality, durable and low maintenance to ensure a long industrial door lifespan. As well as our expert installation, we also offer servicing packages to help ensure your doors are as efficient, secure and safe as can be.  
Whether manual or automatic, internal or external, galvanised steel finish or powder coated in your company colours, we can help match you to the idea door for your needs.  
As an independent installer, we work with our suppliers to ensure that we only provide doors of the highest quality - discover the choices available to you below.  
Have a question or a query? Whether it is wondering when's the right time to think about installing a new door or have questions regarding the range of products we install, it might be already in our FAQ section. If not, contact us at 'info@stanair' and our helpful team will get back to you ASAP. 
Pair of roller shutters installed in Corby

Key Features 

Our roller shutter doors feature strong galvanised steel curtains and are designed with optimal safety and security in mind. They can be installed in built-in or bolt-on configurations with both manual roller shutter doors and electric roller shutter doors available. 
Optional features include pass doors, insulation, special security features, and weather seals to minimise ingress of water and draughts. We can also provide special bottom rails to suit pavements or sloping floors, and hoods to cover barrels, which are available in a variety of patterns, materials and finishes. Certified fire rated doors are also available. 
All of our roller shutter doors conform to CE regulations. 

Control Options 

There are a variety of control options available for power operated roller shutter doors. Remote control enables you to open and close the door from a distance, while automatic timed return means the door stays open and closes when you need it to. 
The traffic detection induction loop detects vehicles approaching the door and opens for them for fast entry and energy saving. Radar can also be used to detect vehicles and pedestrians. 
Safety options include pneumatic safety edges, warning lamps and an infra-red safety beam. 
We also install, repair and service manual roller shutter doors - contact us to find out more. 

Bespoke sizes and uses 

Standard Roller Shutter Door sizes are typically up to 6 metres wide by 6 metres high, although special one off shutters can be manufactured to larger sizes than this. Fire resistant shutters are available up to 7 metres wide by 7 metres high. 
Industrial Roller Shutter Doors can satisfy a number of applications ranging from small commercial shutters to large warehouse doors, with a number of colour finishes available. 
Made with galvanised steel curtains, these doors are able to withstand rough and high-frequency use and adverse weather conditions. Fire resisting shutters are typically made with either 2 hour or 4 hour fire resistance, and a variety of operating methods including fusible link and solenoid operation. 
Dual powder coated roller shutters
Roller shutters in orange
Fire roller shutter
Green roller shutter used for extra security on site

Roller Shutter FAQ   Got a question or a query? Whether it is wondering when's the right time to think about installing a new door or have questions regarding the range of products we install, it might be already in our FAQ section. If not, contact us at info@stanair and our helpful team will get back to you ASAP. 

How do you know when it's time to install a new Roller Shutter? 
Your Roller Shutter may need to be replaced if it has suffered considerable damage, is becoming difficult to operate or if it breaks down altogether.  
Older doors may also need to be replaced to comply with the latest HSE recommendations. better functionality and security. In addition, damaged doors could make you vulnerable to escaping energy, pest ingress or become a security risk. Our experts can visit your site, for free, and assess the condition of your Roller Shutter and quote for any work that may be required. Hit the 'Contact Us' button below to get started.  
What is the standard size of a Roller Shutter door you install? 
This is a surprisingly popular question. Do you want the long or the short answer?  
There is no 'standard' size. Each door is made bespoke to your specfications and measurements. This means that we can supply you with a wide range of sizes, heights, widths and thicknesses depending on what you need for your commercial business. 
Whatever the size of your doorway or exisiting Roller Shutter, our surveyors will take careful measurements so that your new Shutter will for your space and needs exactly.  
How much will a new Roller Shutter cost? 
This is a difficult question to answer without any contextual information! 
We would need to know some more details such as how often the shutter will be in use, its size, its type of operation (manual or electric) and whether you wish the door to be insulated.  
Whatever your need, you can be sure that Stanair will offer you the best possible quality of materials and expertise at a competitive price. 
To learn more about how we can help you, hit the 'Contact Us' button to arrange your free quote today. By filling out our short contact form, one of our experts can advise you on how to move forward with your project.  
What kind of Roller Shutters can Stanair provide and install? 
Choosing the right Roller Shutter for your commercial enterprise can be daunting. Whether it is an internal or external shutter, manual or electric, perforated or solid lath, bar shutter or warehouse entrance, our experts can advise on the best solution for you and your business.  
We stock and supply a wide range of shutters for a variety of purposes - including fire rated shutters for canteens and high fire risk areas.  
To arrange your free site visit, contact us today.  
Where does Stanair offer Roller Shutter installation, repair and servicing? 
We offer industrial door installation services in Kettering, Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Rugby as well as surrounding areas. If you are not sure if we can cover your area, please do get in touch either by phoning us or filling in the contact form. 
We offer a free consultation and expert installation by Stanair employed teams as well as our 24/7 emergency repair service. Call us now on 01536 482187. 
How do I arrange a free on site quote? Will it really cost nothing? 
It is really very easy. Just call one of our offices on 01536 482187, email us direct at or just fill out our contact form. One of our friendly service team will get in touch and arrange for our expert surveyors to visit your site and provide a no obligation quote.  
As Stanair is an independent Door Installation Company , you can be sure that we will only quote for what you need. 
No pressured sales. No hard sell. Only expert advice from experienced professionals. 

Free Consultation 

We are happy to help you with your project either over the phone, at your office or on site. 

Expert Installation 

We are committed to ensuring that our engineers provide you with the best service and experience possible. 

High Quality Materials 

As an accredited independent supplier and installer of a range of products, we can advise on what is best for you. 
Unsure whether a Roller Shutter Door is right for you? 
Contact us online or call us on 01536 482187 and our industrial door specialists will be happy to help. 
Emergency? Call our 24/7 helpline on 01536 482187 now 
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