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Stanair is delighted that we are backing Northamptonshire CCC for the 2023/23 season. 
Once again we are partnering with the clubs Mascot Steeler the Dog, now a well known and popular figure at match days at the County Ground. 
But just who is Steeler? 
Steeler has supporting the Steelbacks since he was a pup! 
It all started back in 1878 when he became a soldier for the British Army within the Northamptonshire Regiment. This was in the Battle of Talavera during the Peninsular War. 
When the soldiers felt sad and tired Steeler used to cheer them on and encourage them to stay positive. He then started to suggest they play a game of cricket or two to keep everyone’s spirits up. 
When the war had finished we practised hard to make sure all our bowling and wicket keeping skills were on point and that we could also function properly as a team, the way they did as army soldiers. 
Steeler loved the game so much and he loved seeing the team do so well, so much so that he used to get distracted from actually playing and just stand to the side cheering. 
Everyone loved it! 
In 1905, we were finally recognised as a First Class County after years of hard work. He had never been more proud of the team or excited….we were on our way! 
Steeler didn’t make the team, but that’s ok because he was awarded the biggest honour of all – becoming the Steelbacks first and only mascot! And, he has been the mascot ever since. 
You will always find Steeler at the matches ready to cheer on the boys and meet our amazing fans. If you see him, come and say hi! 
For more information about Steeler at Northamptonshire CCC please click here. 
For more information about Northamptonshire CCC and to see the latest results from the season please click here
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