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PVC strip curtains can be an excellent choice for large entrances or loading docks. Made up of overlapping PVC strips, these cost-effective barriers allow people and goods to easily pass whilst helping to prevent the loss of unnecessary energy and the entry of contaminants.  
However, a standard PVC strip curtain may not always be the best choice for your premises or business. Depending on its potential usage, the amount of traffic it will see and the type of temperatures it will be helping to maintain, you may need to invest in a special type of PVC strip curtain. 
In this blog, we explore some of the options available to you when considering installing PVC strips. 
What are PVC strip curtains? 
Put simply, PVC strip curtains are long strips of PVC which hang in a doorway or access route. It is that simple. They are a cost-effective, low maintenance way of creating a barrier between two environments whilst enabling the easy flow of pedestrians or traffic between them. PVC strips can also be used to protect areas which usually see draughts such as loading bays, protect your workforce by maintaining visibility levels as well helping to maintain a consistent temperature which can help boost employee productivity as well as boost energy bill savings. 
What types of PVC Strip Curtains are available? 
Whether installed within a commercial kitchen or in high traffic environments, there is a strip that has been designed specifically to suit your needs. 
These can include: 
Polar grade – This type of strip have been specially designed to be able to withstand the coldest temperatures. A standard PVC strip can only withstand temperatures down to -15 whilst a Polar grade strip can reach – 50. By installing strip curtains into your refrigerated areas, you can help reduce spoilage as well as reducing the frost build up on your machinery. 
Welding grade strips – These special strips are designed to block potential sparks or hot metal objects from causing harm, making them ideal for welding bays. This type of strip is usually dyed a dark colour to help protect the eyes of those looking in from hazardous UV rays. 
Forklift grade – These strips are usually ribbed and made of the sturdiest PVC which helps them be resistant to tearing, scratching and marking from heavy through traffic. If you have an area which sees heavy forklift traffic, then these strips are ideal as not only are they resistant to repeated impact damage but also maintain good levels of visibility. 
Anti-static grade PVC Strips – If you have ever walked through a standard PVC curtain, it is likely that it has caught on your clothing as you passed through.  
This is due to the strips becoming saturated in static electricity from pedestrians frequently passing through them. This can be a real issue if the strips are at the entrance of a data centre, clean rooms or other areas at risk from a static build up. These special curtains are designed to dissipate any static charges safeguarding both your personnel and your equipment. 
Perforated PVC Strip Curtains – these special strips are designed to maximise air-flow within your workspace whilst still maintaining high levels of safety or hygiene. These strips encourage natural air ventilation, help to reduce condensation and prevent the access of contaminants. 
Antimicrobial PVC Strip Curtains – If your environment demands the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, then these strips are your best bet. Infused with antimicrobial agents, these strips can help to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, moulds and mildew. 
Finally then, it is clear that PVC strip curtains have a variety of benefits – they help you save energy, they are durable and they require little maintenance. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions, can help reduce noise pollution and can help your site become resistant to outside contaminants. 
However, to experience the optimum in all these benefits, you should consider investing in a rapid action door. 
Rapid Action Doors may seem like a large investment when compared to a set of PVC curtains. Their initial outlay is certainly more expensive however, if you have the budget to accommodate them, a rapid action door will soon pay for themselves in the savings that you are able to make over time. 
PVC curtains can never achieve the same levels of efficiency, customisation and reliability as a rapid action door and, as there are many different types available, you can find the best fit for you and your business’ needs. In addition, when you consider the need to continually replace and repair damaged strips, especially in high traffic areas, you will see why many companies opt to invest in a reliable, efficient and low maintenance door rather than rely on a cheaper alternative. 
Our experts know industrial doors. Having been in the industrial door industry for nearly 50 years, we are uniquely placed to advise you on your door requirements and needs. Call us today to arrange a free site visit where one of our experts will assess your needs and provide you with a bespoke solution – and always with your budget in mind. 
An man afixing his security posts
PVC curtains can be an excellent choice to help conserve energy for large entrances such as this one in Northamptonshire 
Sliding security gates installed at a site in Coventry
PVC Curtains can be a great way to separate areas of operation without stretching your budget 
Car park barriers at a site in Milton Keynes
Reduce pollutants, static electricity and restrict the movement of air to any section of your site 
For the optimum in separating, sealing and making savings year on year, you should invest in a rapid action or high speed door. They really are an investment in the future... 
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