With the cost of living crisis biting home and more and more bad news flooding our newsfeeds, it is refreshing to hear some good news. And this certainly is very good news for both Stanair and one of our engineers – the promotion of Jack French from a trainee to a skilled engineer.  
We grabbed hold of Jack one afternoon to have a quick talk about how he felt about his new role, his time at Stanair and his hopes for the future. 
Just over one year ago, Jack was stuck in a warehouse job which he felt was dull, unfulfilling and simply going nowhere. Every day was the same old grind. Turn up, move that there, move this here, go home. There was little skill involved so little chance of progression.  
Jack wanted more. One day, he was scrolling through Indeed when he came across a job advertisement for a trainee engineer at Stanair. At first, he was not sure that he should apply – I mean, he had no experience at the job – why would they want him?  
However, he knew that he wanted a hands-on position and, as he had always been fond of mechanics and pulling things apart, he thought he would give it a try. And we are very glad he did! 
He was soon on the road as a trainee and, at first, found the job a little easy.  
Never one to forego a challenge, he was soon peppering his fully trained partners with questions about what they were doing, why they were doing it and when he could have a try. Although it was a bit overwhelming at first, Jack soon relished the opportunity to learn new skills and to try things for himself. Under the guidance of his partner, he was soon trying tasks by himself and building up his confidence as well as his mechanical skill. 
His attitude did not go un-noticed. Ever seeking to reward those who push themselves, Jack found himself being offered the chance to step on the first rung of becoming a trained engineer – a service engineer. This role requires him to use his technical knowledge and expertise to inspect, maintain and certify a customer’s access equipment. Not only that, he also has his own van and a trainee of his own to teach! 
He certainly has come a long way in a short time but he is not about to rest on his laurels. After some time spent building up his confidence, he hopes to complete his NVQ qualifications in installation and electrical engineering and to progress up the ranks. 
Jane Kirwan, his Service Manager at our Kettering depot had this to say: ‘Jack has indeed proved to be an asset to us and it is good to be able to promote from within the existing team. Jack has proved capable of rising to the challenge and we can send him out to jobs with confidence. 
His advice to any other aspiring trainees or people looking to come and work for Stanair? 
‘Ask as many questions as you can. Don’t worry about getting it wrong. The people here are brilliant and patient. They are a really supportive group and will give you all the guidance that you need.’ 
Congratulations again Jack. You deserve it. 
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