Automatic personnel door set at a school in Milton Keynes
As we move ever closer to a net-zero future, it is more important than ever to optimise your energy saving potential. In addition to saving you money, these doors can boost accessibility levels, are more hygienic, secure and can make a great first impression on potential clients. 
However, there are many options available to you and the choice can be a little overwhelming.  
That’s where we can help. Our experts can help guide you to the best type of automatic sliding door for you and your business. 
In the meantime, why not read on to find out more about the types of door available and the benefits that their installation can bring to your customers, organisation and the planet. 
What is an automatic personnel door? 
Put simply, an automatic personnel door allows pedestrians easy access or egress from your premises. You have probably seen them before at your local supermarket or high street shop. Usually driven by sensors, these sliding doors open when movement is detected whilst also allowing potential clients to be able to see the products within the store. This type of door is maybe the most familiar however it is not the only option available. This means that, depending on the door’s purpose, you can choose the type best suited to you and your business. 
What are the advantages of having automatic personnel doors? 
There are alternatives to an automated door of course but, over time, the advantages which come with installing, operating and maintaining an automated door means that you can make considerable savings. Clean, energy saving, reliable and efficient, these doors are an excellent investment in the future of your business. 
Low maintenance – these doors are designed to be as contactless as possible. Which is not just good news for hygiene reasons but can also significantly expand the lifespan of your door. The leaves will not be subject to impacts from hands, bodies or trolleys which means that the hinges and joints of the door will suffer from less wear and tear over time. 
Energy saving – Automatic personnel doors can help to maintain a constant temperature within your business. After all, the longer your door remains open, the more heat (or cold) is lost. Therefore a door which will automatically open and close just when it is needed, is a surefire way to keep those energy bills low as well as helping to save the planet. 
Access and security control – There are many ways in which you can customise your automatic doors in order to optimise your access and security. Doors can be operated by sensors which allow easy access in and out of the building but these sensors can easily be adapted to suit your needs. For instance, you can set your sensors to only recognise people leaving the building rather than entering – very handy at closing up time. Your doors can be fitted with key fobs, cameras, remote controls…there are many options available to you. You can read about controlling access to and from your site in a more detailed blog here. (put link in) 
Hygienic – Doorknobs are amongst the top 5 dirtiest objects in a home so just imagine how unhygienic they could be in a commercial building. Automatic doors are a great way to ensure that your entrances and exits stay clean and look great. 
Optimise access for all - They will help your premises to be compliant with the Disabled Discrimination Act regulations as they provide equal access opportunities to all users. 
What types of automatic personnel door are there? 
Fully automatic Swing personnel doors: These doors allow you to maximise the amount of space that is available as well as providing easy access throughout a building to your customers and employees.  
Driven by sensors, these doors sense the approach of a person, trolley or wheelchair and open automatically – thus saving time and avoiding any accidental bumps or damage in the process. These are a popular choice in buildings such as hospitals, leisure centres and office entrances. 
Semi-automatic Swing personnel doors: These are operated though the use of a button, key fob, push bar or some other form of access control. There are some advantages to this which includes the prevention of accidental opening if someone walks too close to the sensor - meaning your business can optimise its heat retention and energy efficiency. This door type can also help boost your security by ensuring greater access control. This is especially useful if you need to make sure that unauthorised personnel cannot access the site or area. 
Automatic sliding personnel doors: These can be great for areas that see a lot of foot traffic. This is why you see them mainly at the entrance of supermarkets and shops. As they do not open into the path of the pedestrian, they offer a much lower chance of accidents involving pedestrians becoming stuck or striking the door leaf. They do require a lot of space however in which to operate. 
Telescopic sliding personnel doors: If space could be an issue, telescopic sliding doors could be an effective choice. They have multiple leaves which retract behind each other which allows you to create an opening within an otherwise restricted space. 
Automatic bi-folding doors: Although this type of door is perhaps better known on a bus, they can also bring many benefits to an industrial or commercial premises – especially in an area where space might be limited. Where a traditional sliding or swing personnel door would create an obstruction (or simply not be possible), this type of door is perfect for accommodating a narrow entrance. As the panels fold in on top of each other, they can serve as a great divider between sections or within corridors whilst also providing a full width opening. 
Ultimately, an automatic sliding door is an excellent investment in your future as they will help you to save energy, increase efficiency and optimise their lifespan.  
However, they will still need care if they are to continue working to the best of their potential. This is where Stanair can help.  
Our servicing plans will help ensure that your doors will continue working at their best. However, if your automatic doors do fail for any reason, then don’t hesitate to call us on 01536 482187 and access our emergency call out service. We can quickly diagnose the fault, repair and secure your door on site and offer you advice on the best next steps. 
An man afixing his security posts
An automatic personnel door at at a school in Milton Keynes. Your brand colours can be easily added to your door set. 
Automatic personnel door set at a school in Milton Keynes
Smooth, sleek and contactless, automatic personnel doors can make a great impression on your customers. 
Car park barriers at a site in Milton Keynes
Save energy, time and optimise access for all your clients by utilising sensor driven automatic personnel doors for your reception area - just like our clients in Northampton, 
A sliding telescopic automatic door at a store in Northampton. The doors allow for easy pedestrian access as well as allowing a clear view into the interior. 
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