For over thirty years, DA Watts and Sons have been supplying beautiful natural teak products to the finest Yachts and Superyacht manufacturers all over the world. Their skilled craftsmen produce bespoke products which grace some of the most luxurious vessels to cruise on the ocean whether providing decking, dining solutions or stairwells. This demands not only excellent craftsmanship, and expertise but also a dedication to excellence. This is the heart of the DA Watts and Sons business philosophy. 
Each teak product comes from hand-selected wood which is then expertly machined and crafted on their Thrapston site into the dimensions required by the customer. If providing materials for a larger area, the use of highly sophisticated laser measuring equipment means it is possible to create an accurate 3D model. From the data gathered, detailed drawings are then created and passed to their expert carpenters to being the specification to life. Why do they use teak? Teak is the preferred choice of the marine leisure industry as the wood is not only a beautiful colour but durable and resistant to the elements. To find out more about the company and how they could help you and your business, visit 
Stanair and DA Watts and Sons have a long history of working together so when they recently asked us to replace some of their old and existing doors, we were delighted to help. They wanted doors that would help keep their workers and stock at a comfortable temperature, were electrically operated and complied with the latest safety regulations. We did just that. Now they are the proud owners of four brand new insulated roller shutters with a manual override installed in case of any power cuts. So, whatever happens, whether it is high winds, very cold temperatures or a power outage, DA Watts and Sons can be confident that their doors will help keep their business moving as effectively and safely as possible. 
Kevin, site manager, at DA Watts and Sons, said, “the doors we have fitted over the last two years are doing an excellent job – especially in view of the gales we have had recently. In the past, we often had alarm calls due to the old doors banging in the wind. We also feel that they are helping keep the factory warmer during the cold weather which helps to cut costs and keep our staff comfortable while working.’ 
This is the latest in a series of installs that we have completed at their Thrapston site and, with regular servicing continuing into the future, they can ensure it will be smooth sailing for all their doors. Sorry – could not resist…. 
As we operate within a one-hour radius of all our four depots, we are able to give our customers a quick response and great service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Why not see what we could do for you by messaging or calling one of our friendly service staff. What doors could we open for you? 
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