At Stanair, there is nothing we like better than making a difference to our customers and we certainly helped make a difference at RGE Group’s HQ in Alconbury.  
The issue they had?  
The damage suffered by the massive 14-metre-wide Roller Shutter door which they had inherited when they bought the site. This massive door had been damaged over time and, as it was swiftly becoming a security risk, they asked if we could help. So we did. 
Founded in 1965, RGE Group is company that provides plastic moulding solutions for products such as office furniture and storage boxes. From humble beginnings (a garage), RGE have expanded into a multi-national company with sites in China and Lithuania as well as in the UK. The company offer a range of services to their customers.  
Their product design teams can help ensure the most effective and efficient service possible while their tool making service allows them to complete more than 400 projects a year and, with constant investment in these areas, their tooling capabilities continue to expand worldwide. When it comes to injection moulding, they have grown to be one of Europe’s leading suppliers and, with over 150 plastic moulding machines at their disposal, they can provide precision mouldings at a cost-effective price – whatever the industry. With onsite warehousing and distribution services at their sites, they need to know that their site’s Industrial Doors are efficient, safe and secure. Something which was becoming less and less true of their main warehouse door in Alconbury. This is where we stepped in. 
The main issue with the warehouse door was, frankly, its size. At 14 metres wide and over 5 metres high, it was vulnerable to a few issues. Firstly, the wind. When the wind was strong, it would cause the steel curtain to bow outwards, straining and damaging the side-tracks as well as the edges of the lath. It was also quite old and its condition was rapidly deteriorating meaning that it was becoming more and more difficult to close securely. In addition, having the whole door open when deliveries were being loaded or unloaded meant that the warehouse, stock and staff were subjected to the elements. Now, the company had some choices at this juncture: 
1. They could replace the Roller Shutter with a brand new 14 metre Industrial door. 
2. They could split the doorway in half and simply seal off the remaining half. 
3. They could install two new 7 metre doors in the opening instead. 
They opted for choice number three and we got to work. 
Once the two new Roller Shutters had been ordered, we removed their old 14 metre door. This was a big job and it took a lot of teamwork and collaboration to ensure the removal was carried out safely and efficiently.  
Once the old shutter had been safely disposed of, we got to work creating the new doorways. Using a steel post which we secured to the existing building and concreted to the ground, we were able to install two electrically operated Roller Shutters complete with safety brakes and a manual override in case of any power outages. Their new doors are now secure, fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations and help the site be more energy efficient. Fantastic! 
Gordon, Manager at RGE Engineering Alconbury, had this to say about our work: 
‘Stanair did a fantastic job installing our new main doors at our Alconbury distribution centre. From their responsive to the initial enquiry to their competitive quotation and final delivery Stanair were a perfect supplier to work with. They have enhanced our warehouse operations and improved the working environment for our logistics team. I would thoroughly recommend Stanair to anyone in need of good and reliable service.’ 
To know more about RGE Group and the services that they could offer you and your business, click on this link to go straight to their website. 
We could not be more thrilled with RGE Group’s response to their new Industrial Roller Shutters and we wish them all the best for the future. If you, like RGE group, are thinking about replacing your old Roller Shutters, then come to a brand you can trust.  
With nearly 50 years’ experience in the Industrial Door trade, we are the independent experts that can help you reach your goals, whether that is boosting productivity, reducing your carbon footprint or helping to ensure your Industrial Doors and Loading equipment operate smoothly into the future.  
Call us now on 01536 482187 or visit our website at to find out more about which doors we could open for you. 
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