When Kettering based Fox’s Group were looking to expand beyond their current services to include warehouse storage, they knew that it would mean some changes to their new company’s (FANDL) Pytchley Lodge Industrial Estate based site. 
Fox’s Pallets have been in operation since 1956 and pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability through providing such services as recycling wood, plastic and cardboard waste, repairing old and broken pallets or producing wood chips suitable for Biomass fuel supply. In order to help boost their sustainability even further, it was important for them to choose a well-established local company to effect these changes – and this is where Stanair come in. 
As well as increasing access security on their new site, they wanted to make sure that their new industrial doors were as energy efficient as possible – especially given the high forklift activity which would be happening on site – as well as allowing them to meet the high standards of their BRC Global accreditation for food safety and ISO 9001:2001 accreditation. 
We advised the installation of an Infraca PRA rapid action door with vision windows. When closed, this door is fully sealed which means that pests and other contaminants cannot enter the premises – which is especially important when storing foodstuffs on site. 
To ensure that the door is only opened when necessary, the door has been fitted with radar sensors which allow the door to open as a forklift approach and then to automatically close afterwards. A safety light curtain fitted to the bottom of the door means that the door will not close if something is causing an obstruction – whether this is a box or even a vehicle. Also, the folding door is fitted with windbars which help it to remain rigid and withstand all types of weather – even high winds. 
To further help make the site more efficient and to prepare for any future expansion, our expert engineers converted the existing manual roller shutter to motorized. So now, instead of gaining access to the site through using a chain to open and close the door, it can now be operated through the simple touch of a button. 
Another issue which needed to be addressed was increasing security through the addition of access solutions for both vehicles and personnel. We installed an automatic CAME GT8 barrier with a bottom skirt – which is designed to deter pedestrians from accessing the site. In addition, an GSM intercom system with dual heights was installed, allowing for both car and HGV access, this being App based gives the user fully control of the barrier anywhere in the world. Exiting the site has been controlled by a free to exit induction loop, which means that, as the vehicle passes over the underground sensor, the barrier will lift automatically. 
Rob Fox, Managing Director of Fox’s Pallets, said, ‘I would highly recommend Stanair and they were extremely helpful and professional in the setting up of our new company, we had a deadline to adhere to and Stanair was prompt and efficient in delivering and installing our roller shutter door. They kept us up to date throughout the process and installed well within our timeframe. We look forward to working with them in the future.’ 
We at Stanair are delighted to have helped a local company to expand and grow through the installation of our products and wish FANDL well in the future. 
If you would like to discuss how Stanair can help you meet your business, energy and sustainability objectives, contact us by clicking here or call 01536 482187. 
FANDL have installed a new Infraca Rapid Action Door to boost their energy savings 
Their new CAME GT8 barrier will help control access to their site for both vehicles and pedestrians  
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