Well quite a bit actually. 
Not only can they help reduce your facility’s energy bills but they help keep your premises pest free and are pretty budget friendly. No matter your type of industry or business, PVC strip curtains can play an important role in creating a barrier between two areas – whether external or internal.  
Read on to find out five key reasons why PVC curtains are a must have for your premises. 
1. They are cost effective and can help save energy. 
It is perhaps no surprise that this is the first and possibly the greatest reason for installing PVC Strip Curtains. In this current climate of rising energy costs and greater awareness of our impact on the planet, PVC strip curtains are an easy way to keep your energy bills. Doorways (and especially frequently opened ones) are often a source of great energy loss. You need to use your doors right? They open to allow personnel or vehicles to pass through and also allow your heat to escape with them. This not only increases your heating bill in the winter but also leaves you vulnerable to pests and dirt in the summer. PVC Strip Curtains can assist with this issue. 
These clear plastic strips hang from the doorframe and, due to the fact that they overlap each other, provide a barrier whilst also allowing ease of access. Coming in a range of thickness, they are versatile in their use and a popular option with food factories, restaurants and cleanrooms alike! 
2. They prevent pollution and provide insect control. 
Nothing can bring work to a halt as quickly as a trapped bird or an aggressive wasp (as anyone who has ever worked in a school can attest). Sometimes, these unwanted guests can cause more than just a general disruption. They can cause damage to your goods, ruin your stock or stop your production entirely. Whether dust, noise or pests, PVC Strip Curtains can act as an effective barrier between your workplace and the outside world. And, with their flexibility and durability, you can be sure that your personnel and vehicles can safely and easily pass through meaning greater efficiency and productivity. 
3. They are versatile. 
The great thing about PVC Strip Curtains is that they are not made equal. Oh no. Yes, the most common is the familiar clear plastic strip but they come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what they are designed to be used for. 
For example, if they are to withstand lots of abuse from forklifts, you may want to consider using ribbed curtains. These not only increase the strips’ insulating qualities but also make them more scratch resistant. Therefore, remaining clearer for longer. Need them to help keep in the cold but worried they will become brittle and snap? Worry not. What you need are special curtain strips which are designed to remain flexible up to -40 degrees even in heavy vehicle traffic scenarios. Add to this their range of colours, widths and lengths and you really can create the look you want. 
4. They do not take up a lot of space. 
Ok, this one may be obvious but it needs saying anyway. They are very flexible and can span any size doorway no matter how large or small. They also do not require much maintenance. The strips don’t last forever (what does?) but when they do become damaged, they can easily be replaced. You do not even have to order another curtain, just replace the damaged strip. Easy. 
5. They are a reliable long-term solution. 
As I said above, they will not last forever however their flexibility, resilience and strength will allow them to provide you with (hopefully) many years of trouble-free service. Of course, they are not as effective as a High-Speed Door at saving costs but they are an affordable option if budgets are tight. (To learn about the benefits of the High Speed Door, check out our blog post here or email info@stanair.co.uk) 
In short, PVC Strip Curtains can act as an effective way of reducing heat loss, preventing free air flow across our site and helping you to save on energy costs. Whether you want to keep the cold in (or the heat out) there is a PVC Strip Curtain solution for you. 
Stanair have been trading for over 45 years and, as an independent Door Installation Company, you can rely on us to provide you with the best solutions for your access needs. 
Why not call on us today on 01536 482187 to arrange a free quote. 
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Safety. Security. Peace of mind. 
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