Our cold room and freezer room doors are the ideal solution for controlled chilled and deep freeze environments. We have a range of insulated doors for cold rooms, all offering many great benefits including reducing temperature loss and saving energy and costs for your business. They are ideal for use in food and wholesale industries.

Cold room door curtains vary in style and function and can be chosen depending on your needs. Some are single layer to prevent condensation build up, while others are triple layer to minimise temperature loss. Some curtains can be equipped with windows to allow you to see oncoming traffic.

Take a look at our cold chain doors from Giesse, Infraca and Nergeco below. Giesse’s high speed doors help to reduce temperature loss and improve energy savings with their fast-action door operation. Nergeco freezer room door motors offer de-icing systems for smooth operation, while the Infraca cold room rapid roll-up door ensures no icing of essential components or of the passageway. Whatever your needs, Stanair can install the right industrial doors for you.

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Cold Room & Freezer Room Door Features

Cold Chain doors can have a specific frame structure and set of materials to ensure they are suitable for chilled and deep-freeze environments, especially in perishable goods industries.

Doors such as the Nergeco C-Arctic 5 Cold Chain Door operate with a single layer curtain, seperating areas of differing temperatures without any condensation build-up. Others such as the Giesse Auto Frigo High Speed Door and the Nergeco C-Chill 5 Cold Chain Door use a double layer curtain, whilst the C-Freezer 2 Cold Chain Door has a triple layer curtain to further reduce temperature loss.

The Nergeco C-Arctic 5 Cold Chain Door uses corrosion and paint-free materials within the structural frame, and the curtain material is adapted for the food industry to minimise the risk of contamination.


Cold chain doors need to be able to operate reliably in cold and freezing conditions, and as such there are key features that cold room doors must fulfil to be considered fit for purpose.

To avoid unnecessary temperature loss, cold chain doors need to operate efficiently. Many operate with a just-in-time operating cycle to such as the Nergeco C-Freezer 5 Cold Chain Door, which reduces energy loss and energy consumption by to 32%. Others such as the Infraca Cold Room High Speed Door are rapid-action, operating at up to 1.16m/s to prevent temperature loss. 

For freezer environments, doors need to avoid ice formation and other operational issues caused by the freezing cold temperatures.  The Infraca Cold Room Rapid Roll-Up Door has a frost-free system using heating elements in guides, motor and door blades. The doors are also installed with a double heating system to avoid ice formation in negative temperature applications.

Many of our Nergeco Cold Chain Doors use a direct drive motor equipped with deep freeze grade lubrication and a de-icing system to operate effectively in freezer environments.

There are various features for Cold Chain Doors which help to ensure safe operation in your warehouses and work premises.

Nergeco Cold Chain Doors use an "intelligent curtain" to reduce the risk of injuries or damage to equipment and stock. The bottom edge is flexible and soft, allowing it to be distorted vertically and horizontally, whilst any impact on the curtain reopens the door.

Some curtains such as those on the Nergeco C-Chill 5 Cold Chain Door can be equipped with windows, offering a transparent material to allow people to see oncoming traffic and help to prevent potential accidents or injuries.

Other doors, including the Infraca Cold Room Rapid Roll-Up Door, are equipped with emergency stop buttons inside and outside the door and are suitable to operate in cold temperatures in case of emergency.

AUTO Frigo® high speed doors from Giesse are designed for providing compartmentalisation in refrigerated environments. They provide an entrance to refrigerated rooms or controlled temperature rooms from -5° to +20°.

The Infraca cold room rapid roll-up door is ideal for chiller and freezer chambers. It is usually installed in conjunction with a sliding cold room door, for application in any industrial sector including food, meat and fish logistics services.

The Nergeco C Arctic 5 Cold Chain Door is a high performance door for deep-freeze environments, offering high resistance to extreme cold temperatures.

The Nergeco C-Chill 5 Cold Chain Door is a high performance fold-up door for controlled chilled areas, offering a double layer curtain for better insulation.

The Nergeco C-Freezer 2 Cold Chain Door is a high-performance door for use between chilled and deep-freeze environments, offering triple layer curtains to reduce temperature loss.

The Nergeco C-Freezer 5 Cold Chain Door is a high-performance door for use between chilled and deep-freeze environments, offering a multi-composite frame made specifically for freezer applications.

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    I should like to take this opportunity to commend your company for the excellent response to a recent shutter issue at our Wellingborough premises. Instead of sending out an engineer at emergency rates, your colleague talked me through a technique to ease the shutter down, thus saving me a considerable sum in call-out charges. I should be happy to recommend Stanair for their ethical approach and the prompt and efficient manner in which the task was handled.
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    The work was finished to an excellent standard and we are very pleased to recommend your company. Huw is a first class professional who clearly has immense experience and expertise and represents your company to a very high standard.
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