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Wind. A truly powerful force of nature with the power to uproot trees, cause significant damage to property and unleash deadly debris. High winds and storms are a common feature of the great British weather and, every year, a new storm (or series of storms) will come and assault our shores. Although a roller shutter will afford some protection against the brunt of the winds, they are not infallible and, depending on the type and location, you need to be sure that you are investing in a door that will offer you, your premises and staff the best wind protection. In this article, we outline four ways to ensure your doors and windows are protected against the worst of the storm winds. 
1. Use security shutters and grilles over exposed windows. 
‘It is a great nothing that we fear.’ As Heaney reflected in his poem ‘Storm on the Island’, the wind itself is not often the cause of the most damage but rather the things it lifts, carries and throws – the debris. From falling branches to stray rubbish, debris can pose a real danger to life as well as to your property. Glass windows can easily be smashed by objects slamming into them – exposing your staff and stock to the elements as well as creating a security risk. Installing security shutters and bars to your windows can help protect against this type of damage. 
2. Install wind locks and deeper side tracks. 
Roller shutter lath are held together by end-locks which keep the roller shutter in its guide tracks. However, when it is very windy, the wind can get underneath the door and the curtain of the door starts to act like a sail. The curtain begins to billow outwards and the standard locks pop out like buttons. The door will then be flapping in the wind, causing more damage and, potentially causing the whole door and mechanism to collapse. Clearly, this would be very dangerous if the site were manned at the time as well as causing a huge security risk and potential stock damage. This scenario can be avoided by employing wind-locks. These locks are wider and more secure than the standard lock. Alongside the wider guide rails, these locks help keep your door where it belongs – even in high winds. 
3. Wind protect your fast acting doors. 
You may think that your rapid action door would be better protected from the effects of the wind due to its flexibility and sealing however, it is always best to make sure that, if your door is going to be exposed to the elements, you invest in the right wind protection for your location. At Stanair, we offer doors which will withstand speeds of up to 100mph thanks to their reinforced wind bars. These help redistribute the pressure of the wind across the whole curtain. This means it is less likely to collapse and fail. 
4. Fit mechanical supports. 
To help reduce the risk of the door blowing out of its guides, you can fit additional locks, bracing bars and supports across the shutters. This can be through fitting extra locks or placing bars across the inside of the roller shutter so that it provides extra support when the wind tries to push against the door. 
At Stanair, we often are called out to repair or replace doors that have been damaged by high winds. If you feel your doors are vulnerable to damage from high winds or you have suffered storm damage, call one of our friendly team on 01536 482187 or contact us using our short online form here. We can help you find the best solution for you and your business – whatever the weather 
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