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How can you reduce costs, save energy and the planet? Read on to find out some easy ways that you can do all these.... 
There is a lot of discussion about ‘sustainability’ and ‘going green’ in the business world today but how can you make a difference to your business’ carbon emissions and, ultimately, why should you? 
There are multiple benefits to be gained from adopting a more sustainable approach to your business. Just a few of these could be: 
• Reduced energy bills 
• Increased productivity 
• Increased profitability 
• A more comfortable working environment 
Read on to find out how we at Stanair can help you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and make, not only the planet but, your business healthier. 
1. What is the size of your carbon footprint now? 
It can be hard to make changes towards being more sustainable if you are not sure what the size of your company’s footprint already is. The Carbon Trust or the SME Guide to energy efficiency are great places to start. They can offer advice and assistance on how to calculate your present footprint and suggest ways in which it could be improved – making use of recycled paper, encouraging car sharing and even changing your energy supplier to a renewable company are all easy wins and show potential clients that you are committed to positive change. 
2. Increase insulation 
Whether it is from escaping heat or draughts, a lack of insulation can really cost your business. Luckily, there are a variety of ways that Stanair can help your business protect against energy wastage. One of these ways is by installing an insulated roller shutter. Basically, these double skinned shutters are lined internally to provide extra energy efficiency. 
Need to keep in the cold? It could be you deal in chilled or frozen goods and your business relies on keeping your product a consistent temperature. An insulated rapid action door could be the answer. From double to tripled lined curtains, these offer a safe, durable and secure means of maintaining the core temperature of your chilled and frozen goods. 
3. Limit your exposure to the elements 
A reality of a commercial premises is that doors, especially industrial sized ones, need to be frequently opened and even, sometimes, can be left open. Although it may seem a tempting time saver, the cost to your energy efficiency can be extremely high. The latest in sensor technology can provide an easy solution. Our range of rapid action doors can automatically sense when they need to open and promptly close afterwards. Worried about safety? There’s no need. All of our doors are fitted with a variety of safety features designed to keep everyone working safely and securely. 
Another solution could be to install a range of strip curtains. These overlapping strips of PVC hang from a track within your doorway and their transparent nature allows for them to not only help save costs but also increase safety for your vehicles and personnel on foot. 
If you are considering options for the front of house rather than the warehouse, automatic personnel doors are another way in which you can save energy. 
Even something as basic as having door closers fitted on your existing personnel doors can help prevent them being left open unnecessarily. 
4. Ventilate efficiently 
After highlighting means of keeping air out, it may seem counter productive to consider allowing air to enter. However, this can be a benefit if you rely on systems which generate a lot of heat.  
By this I mean server rooms, boiler rooms and even leisure facilities. Louvre doors have tiny slats built into their frame which allow for air to circulate and for heat to escape. Our louvred steel personnel doors are completely secure and can prevent the access of insects and other undesirables whilst prolonging the life of your equipment. 
5. Encourage sustainable local travel 
There are many benefits to encouraging cycling to work – not only for the environment and air quality but also for the health and wellbeing of your employees.  
A barrier to this can be the lack of suitable facilities to store and protect what can be an expensive piece of kit. Make a visible statement by installing cycle shelters and bike racks for your employees to store their vehicle safely and securely when they are in work. You could even opt into schemes such as Cyclescheme which provide discounts for your employees to buy bikes and biking equipment.  
Fixed barriers could also be installed within existing car parks to create safe passage for both your foot passengers and cyclists. As you can see, there are lots of options and we would be more than happy to discuss how Stanair could help you boost your sustainability with just a few simple changes. 
In conclusion: 
Making a few small adjustments could save on CO2 emissions, build staff wellbeing and lessen your carbon footprint but it is not always easy to know which options are the best for you and your business. That is where the experts at Stanair can help. Whatever your type of business or premises, we can advise, survey and install the right equipment for your needs. 
Call our friendly team on 01536 482187 for a free consultation or contact us online to discuss all your security and energy saving needs. 
An insulated chiller door designed to keep in the cold
An insulated rapid action door on the front of a chiller or freezer section helps keep heat out and precious cold in. (Stanair) 
Strip curtains installed in Milton Keynes
A set of PVC strip curtains affixed to anexternal roller shutter door at a factory in Milton Keynes. 
Fixed barrier outside a factory
A steel fixed barrier helping to protect the site and staff of a local factory in Milton Keynes. 
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