Posted on: 20 December 2021
Infraca Rapid Action Door

With winter around the corner, warehouse temperature should be a priority for the comfort of your employees. The type of the building along with the dense racking inside can cause poor heat distribution and wasted energy. 

Follow our handy guide below for the best steps to beat the cold this winter. 


The doors in your warehouse are one of the biggest sources of heat loss. The best way to combat this is with insulated doors. Stanair can provide insulated roller shutter doors with galvanised steel curtains to minimise draughts. They have the option of providing traffic detection which enables the warehouse to only have the doors open when necessary, saving energy as well as keeping heat locked in. 


Regularly maintained heaters will work more efficiently, and also ensure a longer life span for your heaters. A warm air heater will evenly distribute the heat around the warehouse while a radiant heater will heat the space within its proximity, which leaves the potential for cold spots, particularly within racking. 

Circulate the Air

As hot air rises it gathers at the top of your warehouse, causing your staff below to remain cold. Suspended low-speed fans work to push the hot air back down and spread it evenly. 

Flexible Doors

Using flexible doors or PVC strip curtains is a cost-effective way to keep areas' temperature controlled. They are an ideal solution for areas with frequent foot traffic, benefiting from decreased noise and dust as well as minimising draughts. 

Stanair produces PVC strip curtains made from double ribbed PVC strips, allowing them the flexibility to withstand impact from frequent use. They also have the added benefit of manual or electric operation. 


If you think Stanair can help you keep your warehouse warm this winter contact us online or call 01536 482187 for a free consultation.