Want to beat the energy price hikes? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Have an industrial door that is in constant use or just left open? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then read on to find out how we can help your business save energy, time and money. 
It is a scary time at the moment. With the fast-rising energy prices, it is more important than ever for companies to make sure that they are saving as much energy as possible. Of course, it is not just the cost but also the impact on the planet which needs to be considered. Wasting energy is just that. A waste. Your warehouse may already employ some energy-saving products such as PVC curtains but there are better and much more efficient options out there. Here are some reasons why a High-Speed Door is your best choice. 
High-Speed Doors pay for themselves. 
It’s true. Although the initial cost of the doors may put businesses off, they are actually more cost-effective (if you make the right choices initially – more on that later) over time. If you have a door that sees constant use, it can be tempting to leave it wide open. It saves time, right? Well perhaps. However, it can really be costing you thousands in heating costs– not to mention the noise and dust pollution which can enter through it. Did I mention pests? They would have easy access to your site which, depending on your business, can totally shut down production until cleared. Not. Good. At. All. A high-quality High-Speed Door can remove many of these problems. They stay open only when you need them to be, are safe to use and electronically operated through sensors. Their flexible material means that they are resistant to damage, low maintenance and highly durable. With savings on the energy bills of 20% or more, as well as the reduced repair costs and reduction of threats to production, these doors really do pay for themselves. Don’t believe me – check out this case study from Elba (link) to read for yourselves just what impact these doors can have. 
Not every High-Speed Door is created equal. 
Sadly, High-Speed Doors have gained somewhat of a poor reputation for being extortionately priced, expensive to maintain and breaking down - stopping normal production. This is due to a few reasons. Firstly, the door may have been mis-sold for your requirements. It simply is not the right door for you and your needs. Secondly, it may be that it was cheap to buy and, therefore, of poor quality. Unfortunately, the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ does apply here. Stanair only uses High-Speed Doors from trusted suppliers such as (but not exclusively) Nergeco, Hormann and Infraca. Our independent status means that we are not tied to any one supplier and you can trust our experts to honestly advise on the best options for you and your site. We only supply the best and have full confidence in our products. Also, we are locally based so, if for some unlikely reason there is an issue, we can be on-site promptly to ensure your door is working to full capacity. 
PVC Strip Curtains can be a false economy. 
The fact that you use PVC strip curtains should be applauded. After all, it shows that you are committed to saving energy and can see the waste pouring out through your doorway. However, although they may seem a good choice at the time, PVC strip curtains are not always the best option. They can become cloudy, the strips can be ripped off by forklifts, they can flap in the wind and even give someone a healthy slap around the face. While the initial costs seem low, the maintenance and repair of these curtains soon build up. Especially if you must replace the whole curtain every year or so. High-Speed Doors generally don’t suffer these issues. Your door should last for at least ten years, requires little maintenance (beyond regular servicing) and offer a wide variety of safety and visibility features for both your site, staff and vehicles. If repairs are necessary (and sometimes they are), our expert engineers are not far away. Ultimately, as I said earlier, a High-Speed Door really does pay for itself in just a few years. 
Reducing your carbon footprint. 
It is becoming more and more important that every business is aware of how and why they can help protect the planet and those who live on it. A High-Speed Door will help reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. Unlike PVC strip curtains, the curtain itself will not require constant replacement and thus is less of a strain on plastic production and disposal. Once it does need to be replaced, the whole door is 90% recyclable – reducing the strain on finite resources. They help maintain temperature and can be effective barriers between sites in the factory as well as reducing noise pollution between sites. Yes – having a High-Speed Door will save you money but it will also help protect the planet. Win-Win! 
Speed and Safety First. 
The quicker the door, the better right? Wrong. Let me explain. Some High Speed Doors open really quickly. It senses the forklift and raises…and waits…and waits….and waits…until the forklift has travelled through. Some doors, with a hard bottom edge, then have to close really, really, really slowly to minimise the chances of hitting and hurting anyone. Whilst your door is wide open, you are losing money. That’s a fact. Stanair can supply doors that employ ‘just in time’ technology. The doors open that little bit slower but only remain open for the minimum amount of time. This saves you both time and money. The sensors on the door and its flexible curtain mean that the door can close faster, safely, accidents are severely reduced and you can be sure your staff, site and stock are fully protected. 
So all in all, a High-Speed Door may seem eye-wateringly expensive at the outset but, they really do pay for themselves in terms of their energy-saving properties, their safety record and protecting you and yours. They are a great investment but always ask the experts when it comes to choosing a new High-Speed Door. However, don’t just take our word for it. Our team are more than happy to take you to a site where they have already made the switch. You can see for yourself what a difference these doors can make to you and your business. 
Call us now on 01536 482187 or click on the link to learn more about our range of HSD and the options available to you. 
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