Posted on: 05 February 2018
Delivering for customers rain or shine

January is now over and the first month in 2018 has certainly been very busy for us here at Stanair. Over the past few weeks, the UK has received some truly astonishing weather, with strong winds and rain causing problems for homes and businesses in certain parts of the country.

The bad weather brought a lot of emergency call outs for assistance with doors that had been damaged with the wind – a grand total of 229! As part of the Stanair gold-standard service, we always aim to have Engineers on site within 2 hours following receipt of the call, and are often there sooner. The industry standard for response times is 4 hours on receipt of call. We’re always keen to make sure that we are still delivering on our word, which is why we regularly analyse our response times to make sure this is still the case.

We’re delighted to share that of the rapid response requests, our Engineers arrived on site to assist customers within an average of 1 hour and 26 minutes. Better yet, 23% of the emergencies were responded to in under an hour.

“The bad weather has brought plenty of challenges for many businesses across the country,” says Martin Wall, Director at Stanair, “It’s great to see that we’re still delivering fantastic response times to our customers, meaning that they can get their sites secured and back to running their businesses with minimum disruption.”

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