Large Folding Door to an air craft hangar as installed and maintained by Stanair Industrial Doors Ltd
If you own an aircraft hangar, bus company or farm, a sturdy and reliable door is a must. You need a door that is going to keep your equipment safe and secure, and one that’s reliable so you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing it for years to come. Industrial sliding and folding shutter doors are a great candidate for the job. Let’s explore why. 
Sliding and Folding Shutter Doors Can Be Easier To See When Driving A Vehicle. 
Large sliding folding shutters are ideal for big doorways such as hangars, bus and coach companies and farms. As they open horizontally, you can see the doors in your mirrors when reversing large vehicles and machinery. This means you are less likely to hit a door that has been left slightly open, compared to a roller shutter, which might be open but above your line of vision. 
Your Equipment Must Be Well-Protected. 
Sliding and folding shutter doors are made with steel, making them tough and able to withstand adverse weather conditions - ideal for use on aircraft hangars or bus stations as they are often in open outdoor spaces and otherwise unprotected from the elements. A sturdy door is also important for protecting your vehicle from potential intruders. 
These doors can be fitted with insulation to further protect your hangar from fluctuating temperatures. 
Doors Need To Be Easy To Operate. 
Despite their robustness, these doors are easy to operate, with manual or electric options. Single or double unit folding doors and top hung straight doors are available with power operation. Sliding doors can be fitted with the following control options: 
Remote control 
Automatic timed return 
Warning lamps 
Infrared safety beam 
Traffic detection induction loop 
Space Is At A Premium 
The door needs to be large enough for your vehicle to fit through easily, but it also needs to operate without taking up too much space when opening and closing if your vehicle is inside. Folding doors are a good option here because they are neatly stacked to the side of the opening - either within the opening itself or behind it. They can also be bi-parting. Alternatively, sliding doors are hung from a horizontal tubular track and guided by a channel set in the floor. They take up very little headroom, which is important when trying to move a large vehicle in and out of the building. 
There’s No Need To Compromise On Looks. 
But while these doors need to be functional, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics. The doors are available in a variety of colour finishes, as well as powder coating. 
Customisation Is Key. 
Your building isn’t necessarily the same as someone else’s, so you need a door made specifically for you. Sliding and folding shutter doors can come in custom sizes to suit the storage facility and the vehicle being stored inside it, and we can supply virtually any width of door in folding or flat format. 
We can install doors built to your specific needs, for commercial and private hangars storing aeroplanes, helicopters and other types of large vehicles. If you need a sliding and folding shutter door for your large vehicle storage, contact us online or call 01536 482187 for a free consultation.  
Electrically operated Sliding/Folding door as installed and serviced by Stanair Industrial Doors Ltd. External view The inside of the sliding folding door at the Stagecoach site in Northampton
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