Servicing a Stanair installed industrial door
Things like a stubborn squeak, slow movement or a misaligned track can be annoying on a day-to-day basis but, left untreated, they can soon spiral into bigger issues which bring bigger costs, more delays and extended downtimes. And what about those issues which you cannot easily see or hear? This is why having a regular service schedule for your industrial doors with trained professionals is crucial. 
Whether your facility uses Roller Shutter, Sectional Overhead, High-Speed or indeed any other type of industrial or fire-rated door, it is important to make sure that you organise regular maintenance of your equipment.  
Like any machine with moving parts, doors need checking to ensure that they remain in perfect condition and to ensure that they continue to operate in a safe manner. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your doors, especially if they are heavily used, and help to avoid you having to invest in repeated replacements. 
Regular maintenance can be something which gets easily overlooked when planning budgets and expenditure but unexpected issues with your doors can easily escalate into increasing costs due to emergency call outs, ordering extra parts and the associated downtime whilst your doors remain out of action. Not only this, but if you own or manage premises which contain industrial doors, you have a legal responsibility to service your industrial doors and keep them in safe working order. Regulations 5 and 18 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 code of practice requires that doors at workplaces are safe and subject to a system of maintenance. Failing to routinely service your industrial doors can risk harm to your employees and potentially leave you vulnerable to costly litigation. 
It is not just old or disused doors which require attention. Even newly fitted doors require regular servicing. 
Often the warranty agreement on your new door is only valid if it has been subject to a service conducted by professional engineers within six months of the install date. 
As members of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF), you can be sure that Stanair’s engineers are specially trained to the highest standards to conduct any servicing and maintenance needs that you may require. Our engineers will carry out an extensive check of your industrial doors, ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed. If the engineer does find any issues, they will inform you of these as well as suggesting the next steps that you should make. 
In addition to reassuring your workforce that the door is safe to use, there is another important factor to consider – security. A damaged or malfunctioning industrial door could be exploited by a trespasser or intruder seeking an entry point into your premises. 
Finally, one thing our customers often ask is, ‘how often should I service my industrial doors?’ Now this depends on the context of the door. If you use the door often, Stanair recommend that it is serviced at least every six months. If your door is not used as frequently, then an annual check will often suffice. Of course, if your door has never been serviced, then you should not delay. Contact our experts today to arrange your service and put your mind at ease. 
Should the worst happen, however, and your door does break down or malfunction, our expert engineers are on hand 24/7 to fix or secure your door on our first visit. Call us on 01536 482187 now. 
An man afixing his security posts
Servicing carried out by our expert engineers can offer you peace of mind. 
Sliding security gates installed at a site in Coventry
No matter the type of door - Stanair's expert engineers are trained to the highest Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) standards - the benchmark for excellence in the industry. 
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