Posted on: 22 December 2021
Damaged roller shutters after a break in

Christmas time is almost upon us! For most companies, this brings a welcome break and a chance to rest for employees and management alike. However, with the shut-down of factories and business premises, there are also fears surrounding security. Sadly, studies have shown that thefts and burglaries are more common at this time of year as criminals take advantage of empty premises. Luckily, there are some simple precautions that can be taken to ensure the safety and security of your premises as well as giving you the greatest present of all…greater peace of mind.

1. Carry Out a Risk Assessment

It’s simple but effective. If you want to protect your site, you need to first identify where it is most vulnerable. Do you have fencing around your site which has become damaged or perhaps a door lock has become old and worn? Are your industrial doors or personnel access doors potentially insecure thanks to wear and tear? These could be promising targets for any criminal looking to gain access to your site and goods.

It seems obvious but having a good knowledge of the current state of your premises (and its vulnerabilities) will allow you to create a clear and effective plan of action for securing your site and stock during the festive break.

2. Secure Your Buildings and Warehouses

Making sure that your windows, doors, and other potential points of access are secure seems an obvious point but there may be sections of your site which you want to ensure are fully protected.

First of all, examine your current doors. If you do not already have roller shutters or security shutters fitted, these can be a great way to provide extra site security as well as offering extreme weather protection thanks to their strong steel cores. They are durable and designed to withstand frequent usage so are a good long-term investment as well as serving as a visible deterrent.

If your windows are a source of vulnerability, there are both internal and external security options available including window shutters, collapsible grilles, and removable bars – all of which add an extra layer of security to your premises. If you are unsure which option would work best for you and your business, we may be able to help.

3. Secure Your Car Parks and Perimeters

Whether it is car park barriers or gates, fencing, or security posts, there are a variety of ways to keep unauthorised vehicles or personnel from your buildings and stock. If intruders do gain access, there is a chance they may ram raid your premises. Installing barriers or obstructions, such as bollards and security posts can help protect against this outcome. Extra protection can also be gained through the installation of security shutters on your doors and windows.

4. Update or Implement Electronic Security and Alarms Systems

Having electronic security systems in place, working in tandem with Stanair’s security products, is a great way to deter any potential intruder. With installed shutters, bars, and grilles making entering the premises that much harder and your security alarms drawing attention to the break-in, there is a greater chance that the intruder will abandon the attempt before they gain access. Be sure to check that your electronic systems are all fully functional before the Christmas break so your site is as well protected as it can be.

5. Service Your Industrial Doors

Industrial doors can be subject to wear and tear as well as vulnerable to extreme weather. Check that your doors are regularly serviced and that they are in good condition before the festive break. This may avoid any unwanted breakdowns and potentially costly delays to your operations. We provide a comprehensive industrial door servicing operation to ensure your doors are in the best possible shape. Simply contact us online or by phone to arrange your door service.

Need a repair? Don’t hesitate to call us.

If the worst should happen and your doors and windows suffer damage or breakdown, remember that we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – including Christmas Day! Our specialist engineering teams aim to be on-site for emergency repairs normally within two hours (and often they are there sooner).

You will also be covered by our guarantee: Stanair will either secure or repair your door on our first engineering visit or you don’t pay us a penny.

Call us on 01536 482187 and we’ll be there for you.

If you would like to discuss the provision and installation of any physical security equipment or how to best protect your site against the effects of extreme weather, contact us online through our website. Alternatively, you can call 01536 482187 for your free consultation.

Finally, from all of us at Stanair, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe Christmas and New Year.