Posted on: 13 July 2021
Barrier or Gate? Which Security Access Solution Should I Choose?

Are you looking to secure your premises but not sure which type of security solution you need? With a number of security access products available on the market, it can be quite tricky to decide which solution would be the right option to protect and secure your business premises. 

When it comes to security access solutions there are usually two main options to choose from; barriers or gates. Whether you want to control the access of vehicles or pedestrians entering your premises, it’s important to understand the benefits of both products to help you make the right choice to maximise security. 

What’s the difference between security barriers and gates?

Before we dive further into the article, here are the main differences between the two. Security barriers are used for places and properties where mainly vehicle access needs to be controlled. Barriers are a form of access control, to allow you to control who gains entry and exit to a site. These are ideal for high volumes of traffic as the barriers can pass up and down hundreds of times a day and the opening/closing cycle is a matter of seconds. 

Security gates are much more secure as they can’t easily be bypassed. Compared to barriers, the opening and closing cycle can be a lot longer though and would usually be for low traffic sites.  

Security Barriers

Security barriers are perfect for car parks or any place where the access of vehicles needs to be regulated or controlled. They are useful in a wide range of industries such as large distribution centres, airports, schools, universities, office units - basically, any place where car park security is required. Security barriers are made of aluminium construction which ensures long-lasting and maintenance-free performance.

Main Benefits of Security Barriers

  • Suitable for high traffic volume areas.
  • They can be customised and installed with LED traffic lights, a warning siren or a flashing beacon. 
  • Can be customised with keypad entry, swipe card, intercom, camera, induction loop. 

What to Consider

  • Foot traffic is not controlled as pedestrians can still have unlimited access to your premises even if the barrier is closed.

Security Gates

Security gates are a good option if you’re looking to fully control and secure access to your business premises. Not only will you be able to oversee the vehicles that go in and out of your premises, but you’ll also be able to prevent unwanted pedestrians from entering your property. With security gates, you will also be keeping your premises more secure from burglars and trespassers they can’t easily be bypassed like barriers. 

When it comes to security gates you will usually have the option to choose between sliding gates, which have an aluminium construction and swing gates, which are made of steel. Both materials, however, offer long-lasting performance.

Main Benefits of Security Gates

  • They provide a high level of security around your business premises.
  • They are fully automated and easy to operate.
  • Sliding gates also come with pedestrian input as standard.
  • Both gates are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

What to Consider

  • Whether you choose sliding or swing gates, both take up quite a lot of room as sliding gates need the whole width of the gated area again for the gate to slide into. Swing gates, on the other hand, need enough space in front to open into. 
  • All powered gates do need to be force tested on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with the latest Health and Safety Regulations.

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