Posted on: 22 July 2021
4 Security Solutions Every School or University Needs

When you look after a school, college or university, the safety of the students and staff is paramount. Luckily, there are lots of ways to improve the security of your school, both inside and outside. In this article, we’ll run through four ways to secure your school premises.

Security Posts

Security posts can secure your site by preventing vehicles from accessing the school car park. In particular, both removable security posts and fixed security posts can be anti-ram raiding to prevent vehicles from driving into your buildings - ideal for use in front of, particularly vulnerable door entrances.

If you don't want your security posts to be a permanent fixture, consider folding parking posts, removable parking posts, perimeter barriers and telescopic security posts, which can all be removed and put back as needed. This could be useful if there is an area where you don't want to allow vehicle access most of the time, but you may occasionally need to provide a route through.

Alternatively, for high-security lockable posts, you could consider hinged lockable posts. Telescopic security posts can also be padlocked.

Security posts are a very flexible solution as they can be used around the perimeter of the site, in front of entrances, and in some cases, put in place and retracted as needed.

Security Gates

Security gates offer a form of security that can't be easily bypassed. They are designed for low traffic sites because of their long opening and closing cycle, so could be suitable for smaller schools, and they offer you full control and secure access. With security gates, you can oversee all vehicles that enter and exit the school premises, and also prevent pedestrians from entering. Security gates also act as great deterrents for intruders.

You can choose from sliding aluminium gates and steel swing gates. Security gates can be fully automated and are easy to operate, and sliding gates come with pedestrian input as standard. However, it's worth bearing in mind that sliding gates require a lot of space to the sides, and swing gates need extra space in front of them to operate.

Car Park Barriers

As an alternative to security gates, automated car park barriers are suitable for high traffic volume areas and can be used anywhere where you need to control vehicle access. For example, they could be suitable for large student car parks at universities. Their aluminium construction makes them low maintenance and durable, and they can be customised with LED traffic lights, a warning siren, or a flashing beacon. Entry options include keypad entry, swipe cards, an intercom, cameras and an induction loop. However, foot traffic is not controlled, so pedestrians will still be able to enter whether the barrier is up or down.

Personnel Doors

Finally, personnel doors with electronic access control can help you to ensure only authorised personnel enter your buildings or certain parts of the school or university. The first element of this is that it’s important that personnel doors have a robust and durable construct, especially in heavy traffic areas. The second element is that if staff and students have swipe cards, they can use these to enter the school buildings, with some areas only being accessible for staff members. This helps to keep the school safe from intruders and ensures only authorised people are allowed inside.

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