Posted on: 02 June 2020
Sliding Gates - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

Sliding trackless gates are becoming increasingly popular. Especially, during the summer months, sliding trackless gates are perfect as they are able to offer screened security while also letting enough air into any building or business premises. Due to their level of security, space-efficiency and the wide variety of styles and options available they are an ideal solution in a wide range of industries.
Below we’ll take you through four simple reasons why sliding trackless gates can fulfil your security needs this summer.


Sliding trackless gates are extremely versatile and can be installed in both external and internal door openings. Sliding Trackless Gates

They are made up of lattice sections and can operate horizontally by single-gate or bi-parting gates. What also makes sliding trackless gates so versatile is that they are easy to operate given their trolley wheel sections at the bottom, making it easy to expand and retract the trackless gates manually.

When installed a as form of security barrier, you can fold one section of the gate to easily allow for personnel access if a personnel door isn’t adjacent to the external opening. Internally, sliding trackless gates can be used for secure storage. For example, to cordon off areas for goods delivered that need to be checked or to separate some parts of large stock into different sections based on their stock type and value.



Sliding trackless gates are great if you’re dealing with limited space. Sliding gates run on trolley wheel sections making it extremely easy to open or close the gate without taking up much room or space. So even if you have a small or limited space you can still secure your premises as sliding trackless gates are suitable across almost any size or shape of opening.


As the weather gets warmer and we approach the summer months, you may also need more airflow coming into your premises whether this is an office space, storage area, factory or warehouse. If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to keep your premises safe while also promoting airflow, a sliding trackless gate is definitely an ideal solution. In addition to that, using sliding gates to promote natural airflow is very cost-efficient and better for the environment than air conditioning.


Besides the small amount of space that sliding trackless gates take up, these types of gates are also known for the deterrence they offer. Due to its design, it’s difficult for intruders to climb over the gate and enter your premises, and any attempts to do so will make a significant amount of noise which will alert personnel in the nearby surroundings. It simply adds that extra layer of security to your premises, especially if you decide to keep your doors open during the summer.
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