Posted on: 11 March 2020

Security Posts - Stanair Industrial Door Services LtdWhen it comes to keeping your business premises safe, security posts are a great piece of equipment, and they come with benefits that could prove to be essential for your site’s continued operation. With several types of security posts available, how can you choose the one that's right for your needs? When might it be more appropriate to install a gate instead, and what are your options in this instance? Read on to find out how you can protect your property with security posts and gates in eight different scenarios.

When you need security posts with flexibility

If you want something that can be raised or lowered when not in use, consider telescopic security posts. These can be padlocked, too, and they offer full weather protection. If flexibility is what you need, you could also consider stealth posts, which cause no obstruction when they are lowered. These are easy to install and have below ground fitting.

When you don’t need security posts all the time

Not married to the idea of having posts on your premises at all times? Consider removable posts which form a barrier and lock securely into position, but are also easy to remove when you need to restore access. They are available in galvanised, powder coated or bare steel, and are ideal for deterring ram raiders.

When you need security posts at all times

If you’re looking to deter ram raiders but don’t need the posts to be moved, you could opt for fixed posts. These can be open-topped or capped, concrete-in or bolt-down, and come in galvanised, powder coated or bare steel. So even though these posts are immovable, the options they come with vary depending on your needs.

When you want to improve the look of your premises

Sometimes referred to as architectural furniture, ornamental bollards are great for adding some aesthetic interest to your grounds. They’re ideal for pedestrian and parking areas, and while they may look good, these fixed posts serve the important purpose of deterring ram raiders, making them just as effective as their moveable counterparts.

When you need to secure the perimeter

If you need to secure your site perimeters, perimeter barriers are available in different finishes to suit the style of your location, and they are removable. They can also be used to secure motorcycles, form trolley parks and protect vulnerable door entrances and exits.

When you need to guide traffic

If you need to guide traffic around a location, consider sprung boundary posts. These yield and resume shape after impact, while minimising vehicle damage. Hinged lockable posts are another flexible option, giving you modest security and access control, as well as parking space control.

When you need to control traffic in and out of your grounds

There are some instances when security posts aren’t quite the right option for your security needs, and instead, gates or barriers could be the answer. To allow authorised traffic onto your site, consider automatic or manually operated traffic barriers, or gates, which can be light or heavy duty, and either sliding or swinging. Gates and barriers are reliable and easy to operate, while offering effective security for your property and keeping pedestrians safe.

Consider automatic traffic barriers, which can offer rapid opening at 3.5-4.5 seconds, or super rapid opening at just 0.8 seconds. By contrast, manually operated road barriers are fully counterbalanced for ease of use, and they can be padlocked into a raised or lowered position.

When you need to keep pedestrians safe or restrict access

Fencing can keep pedestrians away from potentially unsafe areas, and it can also keep unauthorised traffic off your premises or be used to restrict access.

At Stanair, we have a range of fixed, sprung, hinged, removable and telescopic security posts. These security solutions can be permanent or temporary depending on your needs – whether your priority is securing your site perimeters, keeping pedestrians safe, guiding traffic around your location or improving the look of your premises. Call us on 01536 482187 or contact us online to discuss your security needs.