Posted on: 04 May 2020
Sliding Gates - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

With the summer months just around the corner, keeping staff and premises cool while also ensuring buildings remain secure is one of every business owner’s main concerns. As windows and doors are most likely opened and used on a more frequent basis, it’s important to make sure that the right security measures are put in place. Therefore, we’ve listed a number of security products that will help keep cool any premises such as your office, shop or warehouse and promote airflow without compromising on security.

Window Security Shutters

Window security shutters are great for adding maximum security and protection to your business premises. Especially during the summer months, security shutters are considered a strong, durable and reliable option that will give burglars resistance to breaking into your business premises.

Besides the maximum security that comes with window security shutters, there are also other great benefits that come in handy when installing these products. Particularly, in the summer, window security shutters are perfect for reducing heat gain as they provide great shading, enabling you to keep any space cool as well as secure. External window shutters provide shade in the summer, but it’s worth noting that you may be unable to open the windows if the curtain is half-down, subject to the configuration of the opening of the windows.

Window Gates and Grilles

Window gates and grilles provide an extra layer of security and are a cost-effective and durable solution, as they prevent entry even if an intruder breaks a window or a window is open. They come in many different colours and designs to match your branding.

Sliding Trackless Gates

Sliding trackless gates offer both security and airflow, as they secure doors while letting air in. With a diamond pattern, they are also aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive and easy to operate. The added benefit of using these products to cool your premises is that natural airflow is cheaper and better for the environment than air conditioning - and for many people, it can also feel more pleasant.

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