Posted on: 19 October 2020
Gates and Barriers - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

When it comes to safeguarding your business premises, the first actions that may spring to mind are carrying out thorough risk assessments or ensuring that all entry points to your business premises are secure – both of which are important. However, some business owners may fail to consider the importance of protecting their business premises from unauthorised vehicles too. Even though it might seem like a minor issue, allowing unauthorised vehicles to freely access your business premises or car park can lead to unwanted activity that might negatively impact your business.

What are the potential implications of unauthorised vehicles on your premises?

Theft and property damage

An obvious risk of allowing unauthorised vehicles onto your premises is theft. If you’re unaware of the cars that enter and leave your business premises, this might increase the risk of criminal activity or potentially make your business more prone to property damage.

Limited available staff parking

If your business’s car park ends up filled with unauthorised vehicles, there will be limited space for your staff to park and it’s important to consider how this may affect your workers. It might leave them frustrated when coming into work, and if they need to park off business premises it might put their vehicles and belongings at risk too.

Overall safety and security

Your business premises might have a number of safety hazards that you might not be prepared for due to the increased traffic that might be caused by unauthorised vehicles. It’s important that you can guarantee the safety of your workers, clients and any other traffic, pedestrian or vehicular, on your premises.

What are the steps you can take to protect your premises from unauthorised vehicles?

As stated above, unauthorised vehicle traffic can have a serious impact on the day-to-day running of your business. Therefore, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent this. These steps can include the installation of gates and barriers, access control solutions or security posts. This will not only allow you to manage the traffic that enters your premises, but also help to keep pedestrian safety as a top priority.

Gates and Barriers

One way you can keep unauthorised vehicles and traffic out of your premises is by installing security gates and barriers. Depending on your premises, your options can include implementing automatic or manually operated road barriers, sliding gates and fencing. When considering these security measures, it’s important to determine the reliability of the gates and barriers you’re installing and the ease of operation or use. Having a professional service get this done for you will help avoid any unnecessary or sudden breakdowns and malfunctions, so that your business can keep running as smoothly as possible.

Access Control Solutions

Access control solutions can be installed as part of your road barriers. For example, employees could be issued with remote controls which automatically open the gates when used. This means that only authorised vehicles can enter your premises, but those who are authorised can get in quickly and easily.

Security Posts

Depending on your requirements, you can also choose to secure your premises by implementing effective security with fixed, sprung, removable or telescopic security posts. These posts can generally be used to secure site perimeters or guide traffic around your car park or premises.

At Stanair we have a wide range of security posts, gates and barriers that will keep unwanted and unauthorised vehicles off your business’s premises. Whether you’re looking to secure your site perimeters or keep pedestrians safe, we are keen to discuss all the premises security solutions we offer. Find out more by contacting us online or calling us on 01536 482187 for a free consultation.