Posted on: 21 April 2020

When it comes to securing your office, it is quite standard to invest in security cameras and door security systems for your business premises. However, have you thought about the importance of securing your windows too? 

When deciding on how to best secure your premises, especially during the summer months, don’t neglect your windows. No matter how secure other areas of your business premises may be, unsecured windows can essentially provide intruders or burglars with an easy way of breaking into your building. This is particularly true in the summer when you want to keep your premises cool but also secure. That’s why in this blog post, we explain the steps you can take to keep your windows secure at all times.

Get window security gates/grillesWindow Security Gates/Grilles

Window security grilles are a cost-effective and durable solution for keeping your windows secure at all times.

The benefit of internal collapsible gates is that they can buy you time. These types of window security measures easily provide an extra layer of security as burglars won’t be able to easily enter your premises even if they try to break or smash a window. When layered with the premises owner’s integrated electronic security, a break-in attempt may set off security alarms whilst the collapsible gates prevent the intruder from entering.

In addition to the security aspect, you don’t have to worry about your business premises looking less attractive with window security gates/grilles, as they come in many colours and designs that will match your business style. Collapsible gates also provide a secure ventilation opportunity during the warm summer months. The ability to open a window whilst locking the gate in place allows for air flow without compromising on premises security.



Get window security shuttersWindow Security Shutters

Window security shutters are a great choice for adding maximum security and protection to your premises. When it comes to having security shutters installed, you can choose between two common options: built-on or built-in security shutters.

Built-on security shutters are built onto an existing building with compact aluminium boxes and styled to minimise their visual impact. Due to their weight, intruders or burglars will have no chance of breaking your windows or into your premises. Besides the maximum security, built-on shutters also have other great benefits which include heat and sound insulation, shading, blackout and complete privacy. The shading benefits particularly come into their own during the summer months, enabling you to keep your premises cool as well as secure.

Built-in security shutters come with an unobtrusive design as they are built into your business premises. Similar to built-on shutters, they provide maximum security for your windows. With this type of shutter, you’ll have all the benefits of easily operated security at night, which disappear by day, leaving your business premises attractive and welcoming.

If would like to know how you can get the right window security shutters, bars or grilles in place - and how we can help secure your windows and business premises from intruders - contact us online or call 01536 482187 for a free consultation.