Posted on: 26 March 2020
Bars Shutters & Servery Grilles - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

How can you choose the right shutters or grilles for your servery, and what features should you consider when you’re looking around? We’ll take you through some of the options to help you make the best decision for your bar or servery.

What are the benefits of Stanair’s shutters and grilles?

Our shutters and grilles are designed to be easy to operate - whether manually or at the touch of a button - and quick to operate, for maximum security. They are also designed to be compact with minimum headroom required, while still offering wide spans where needed. These shutters and grilles are all made to measure and available in a range of designs to complement your building and brand.

What is the difference between shutters and grilles?

Shutters and grilles are vertical security solutions, which drop down from the ceiling to meet your servery counter.

Shutter curtains are made from double-walled aluminium or steel for added strength and can be installed as built-in or built-on systems. They come with a variety of operational methods.

The key difference between shutters and grilles is the curtain itself, which can be either be solid or open. Subject to the product, grilled curtains - which are essentially open - can have poly-carbonate inserts in to prevent ingress of dust particles. This type of curtain allows the spillage of light for both areas either side of the curtain.

You can see the difference between the shutter curtains and open-grilled curtains here:

Shutter Curtains vs Open-Grilled Curtains










Though shutters and grilles have different designs, both are great deterrents to burglars and it’s well worth investing in this kind of security measure.

Where can shutters and grilles be used?

Servery grilles and shutters can be used in school canteens, bars, restaurants, indoor pharmacies, hospitals, reception areas and more to secure small areas while maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing environment.

Do you need to see through the shutters?

If you would like customers to be able to see through the shutters, or you would like to be able to see through them when working behind them, this will also inform your decision. You can choose shutters that have punched or perforated vision panels for partial visibility, or vision panels with in-line, brick bond or diamond patterns for increased visibility. These allow you to advertise products while keeping them secure and promoting good ventilation.

What kind of fire protection do you need?

Some fire shutters can be interlocked with fire alarms so that the shutters come down when the fire alarm activates. For manually operated fire shutters the use of fusable links activates when exposed to temperatures over 55 degrees. This means that if the fusable links activate due to a fire breaking out, the shutter drops to create a fire break.

Stanair can help you to choose the best shutters for your business requirements – and our professional team will install them and be on-hand to repair or service them in the future should you need it. Call us on 01536 482187 or contact us online to talk about your shutter options.