Posted on: 01 July 2020
Bars Shutters & Servery Grilles - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

If you’re looking for a way to keep your servery secure, a servery grille may be the answer – and these come with a whole host of other benefits, too. Offering security against theft and vandalism, servery grilles are both a physical and a visible security deterrent. You can use them to indicate that your bar or servery is closed, and to keep your staff safe when cashing up at the end of the day. A servery grille can also provide ventilation and light flow and enable customers to see products stored behind the grille when your servery is closed.

But how do you choose the right servery grille for your business? Here are a few things to consider when deciding which grille you’d like to have installed:


Servery grilles can be operated manually or automatically at the push of a button. When choosing a servery grille, you may want to consider how you would prefer to operate the grille with remote control, button push and key switch operation available.


Servery grilles and shutters can be made either from pre-galvanised rolled steel or double walled aluminium sections. How robust you need your grille or shutter to be will be something to consider when choosing how to secure your servery.


Servery grilles are available in a range of different colours so you can keep your premises and products secure without compromising on the look of your interior.


As we mentioned above, servery grilles can allow your customers to see your products while keeping them secure. If you don’t want your products to be on show, you can choose a shutter that hides them away, opt for punched or perforated vision panels for partial visibility, or choose vision panels with in-line, brick bond or diamond patterns for increased visibility.

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