Man demonstrating retractable bollard installation from Stanair Industrial Doors Limited
Safety. Security. Peace of mind. 
Here at Stanair, we know that keeping your business and customers safe and secure is your highest priority. It is ours too. That is why we offer a range of security posts designed to protect your site, to guide your employees and even to make your site look more beautiful. ‘How?’ you ask? Let us show you: 
1. Telescopic Security Posts 
These complicated-sounding bollards are quite simple, durable, and very effective when it comes to keeping both people and places safe. Installed deep into the ground, they provide protection from a range of sources. They can deter thieves, thwart ram raiders, and ensure pedestrian safety as well as being cost-effective due to their durability. What’s not to like? 
Did we mention that they are also flexible? This means that you can lower them to the ground when they are not in use and only raise them when needed. They are easy to use, can be padlocked and installed in a variety of locations. There is even a range of finishes that you can apply to your posts making them a highly visible, weatherproof, and secure deterrent. 
2. Stealth Barrier Posts 
Despite sounding like something out of a ninja movie, these posts offer many of the same benefits of the telescopic post as described above. The main difference is that these posts can be stored safely underground when not in use within their ‘coffin'. Yes. Really. That is the industry term. These customisable security posts are easily installed, offer no trip hazards to pedestrians when lowered and are lockable in whichever position you choose. Win-win. 
3. Removable Security Posts 
The clue is in the name. These durable posts are fully removable so you can set them up when you want them and remove them when you don’t. Simple. Our posts come in a variety of customisable finish and size options so you can, with our expert guidance, make the right choice for you. 
4. Fixed Security Posts 
Remember when we said about posts being beautiful? After all, not everything security-based needs to be ugly. Your choice in fixed ornamental posts can also add to the visual appeal of your premises as well as serving a variety of purposes from guiding pedestrians to deterring ram raiders. 
5. Sprung Boundary Posts 
Remember Weebles? They wobbled but didn’t fall down? Well, these traffic guiding posts follow much the same idea. They absorb impact and reduce the damage done to vehicles after impact. Some models can even rotate when sideswiped. Good news for you. Good news for the driver. Be sure to ask us about all the possible options. 
6. Hinged Lockable Posts 
These are ideally used in car parks or areas where you wish to control both the access and exit from a parking area. These folding bollards, when lowered, can be safely driven over and, when raised, offer effective protection against the entry of unauthorised vehicles. This applies also to individual parking spaces and their installation guarantees only those with your express permission can park in those areas. 
Still Not Sure? We Can Help… 
Choosing the right type of security post for your specific business needs can be difficult and we understand that. You want peace of mind that you have made the right choice. That is where our expert team at Stanair can help. Our experienced team can help you navigate our products until we find the one best suited to your needs. After all, our highest priority is your safety and security. 
Call our friendly team on 01536 482187 for a free consultation or contact us online to discuss all your security needs. 
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