Posted on: 15 February 2021
Dock Loading - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

Dock levellers are just one of the dock loading solutions we can install, service and repair. They are used to bridge the difference in height between docked vehicles and loading bays, making it easier and safer to move goods in and out of lorries. They are available in many sizes, load capacities, working ranges and operation options to suit your bespoke needs.

Dock levellers can come with a range of different benefits and features. Here are a few examples to help you decide what you need from your dock leveller.

Swing Lip vs. Telescopic Lip Dock Levellers

Hydraulic swing-lip dock levellers offer excellent safety and robustness for transferring goods. They absorb impact to reduce damage, giving them a longer lifespan. A swing lip dock leveller offers easy operation and levelling, and is ideal for most warehouses with standard size vehicles. Depending on the model and manufacturer, swing lip dock levellers can be self-cleaning and have a self-supporting design for low maintenance.

A moveable telescopic lip provides a larger contact area between the vehicle and the dock leveller. This means they can be positioned more precisely for safer operation. They also provide safe control by allowing you to place the extending lip exactly where you need it to load or unload your vehicle fully to the rear. Our telescopic lip dock levellers are durable with long lifespans and low maintenance. They can also be self-supporting, providing you with a robustness you can rely on for your day-to-day operations.

Manual vs. Automatic Dock Levellers

Manual dock levellers, drawbridges and dock plates are an economical yet reliable option for your dock loading needs. They are operated by hand and don't require a power supply, making them cheaper to run than their automated counterparts. They may move sideways or swing outwards and can be tailored to your bespoke needs.

On the other hand, automatic dock levellers are powered, for increased efficiency, safety and ease of use.

Installation Types

Dock levellers can be installed in traditional pit mounting, suspended or box style:

  • With traditional pit mounting, the dock leveller sits on a solid pit base and is welded in.
  • Suspended versions can be used in new build projects or to replace an existing suspended dock leveller. The dock leveller is suspended from the top edge so that the underside can be clear for easy access into the vehicle.
  • Box style dock levellers are easy to install into existing buildings. They require an oversized pit with a flat base and concrete is poured around the leveller once it is in place.

Robust Dock Levellers From Stanair

Stanair provides reliable, robust and economical dock levellers from leading UK manufacturers operating with a low carbon footprint. Our suppliers offer a fast turnaround of products built to your bespoke specifications, including colour and deck finish options and levellers built to fit your existing pit if you already have one. Choose from pit mounted, suspended, cast-in or free-standing dock levellers, all built to EB 1398 standards. All our dock levellers include double acting lip rams, hose burst valves and galvanised toe guards. An illuminated safety system comes as standard on all levellers.

Dock Bumpers and Shelters

We can also supply a range of dock loading bumpers, shelters and other accessories. Rubber dock bumpers are designed to protect your loading dock from reversing vehicles. They can be attached using a back plate and are reinforced when installed with a front plate. Meanwhile, Nylon dock bumpers have a large impact area and can slide freely up and down the steel cradle back plate. They are also easy to replace.

Our dock shelters can accommodate a wide range of vehicles. They are hard-wearing, waterproof and made from anti-tear material. They can be made to fit your loading bay but are also available in standard sizes for a fast turnaround. Our dock shelters can be retractable or inflatable and offer excellent security and protection, as well as helping to lower your carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for a new dock loading solution, we’ll be happy to help. Contact us online or call 01536 482187 to discuss your dock leveller needs.