Posted on: 12 March 2021
What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Doors

When you’re looking for a new or replacement industrial door, it can be something of a minefield if you aren’t sure what you need or aren’t familiar with the different door types available. In this article, we identify the main types of industrial door and explain how they differ.

The main types of industrial door include:

  • Roller shutter doors
  • High-speed doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Security grilles
  • Sliding folding doors
  • PVC curtains
  • Fire protection doors
  • Steel door sets

Read on to find out more about each one.

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are made up of horizontal slats which, as the name suggests, roll up and down – similar to the way a window blind rolls up and around a rod at the top of the window (or in this case, a barrel above the door). The slats are held in place by tracks on either side of the door. Roller shutter doors don’t take up very much space, as they open upwards rather than outwards. They are typically used in warehouses, factories and industrial units and are very popular as they are strong and offer excellent security. They can be fitted with manual or automatic operation.

High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors, or Rapid Action doors, are designed to open and close quickly. This provides you with excellent benefits, such as being able to keep your premises at the right temperature by reducing heat loss or maintaining the temperature in cold rooms or freezers. This in turn helps you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. These doors can also provide a reduced risk of contamination, which is important for pharmaceutical and food industries in particular. And of course, quicker opening speeds mean less waiting around for the doors to open. High-speed doors open vertically and are very durable.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are made up of panel sections which concertina as the doors open. With sectional overhead doors, the sections, or panels, roll upwards, curve around and roll horizontally until the door is fully open. They can provide excellent thermal insulation and are available in very large sizes while maintaining strength and durability. They are typically made from steel panels and are affordable, efficient, easy to operate, and feature either a manual or automatic mechanism. The panels used can very in type and size, with large panels allowing for window or door access – ideal for settings such as showrooms.

Security Grilles

A security grille is the same as a roller shutter door, except it has a curtain with pushed hole sections in each slat. This allows for visibility and good ventilation even when the curtain is down. Security grilles are ideal for use in shop fronts, car parks, bars and serveries.

Sliding Folding Doors

Sliding folding doors concertina to the side with a simple push. You may see them in factories, industrial units, boatyards and aircraft hangars. They are easy to maintain and are a great way to maximise internal space. They are often fitted externally but can also be internal, and can be operated manually or automated. Sliding folding doors usually have a steel top track, but larger doors may have bottom rollers instead.

PVC Curtains

If you’re looking for a lightweight, cheaper option to Rapid Action Doors, PVC curtains could be a solution to your industrial door needs. They are hung from the top of doorways and feature overlapping heavy gauge strips. One excellent benefit of PVC curtains is that they offer two-way visibility for additional safety. They are also insulating and can protect your space from dust and draughts.

Fire Protection Doors

Fire protection doors are doors that have been tested and certified to prevent the spread of fire in a building. They can be either hinged doors or roller shutters and are useful for many industrial settings.

Steel Door Sets

A door set comprises of a door panel and the steel fixing frame it sits in. Steel door sets are often used as fire exits and can provide fire protection as well as excellent security and reliability.

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