Posted on: 14 January 2020
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How do you know when an industrial door can be easily repaired and when it will need to be completely replaced? Is it more economical to keep repairing it or to get a new one? Read on to find out how you know when it’s time to get a new secure door.

Can your industrial door be repaired?

An industrial door that has suffered a sudden breakdown, but has previously never caused any problems, may be repairable. For example, if your door has become locked in place and won’t open, close or lock properly, an expert repair may fix the problem.

Likewise, a door that has developed a fault such as shutting too quickly or slowly, or one that’s making squeaking or grinding noises due to a fault, may be repairable. It may be that a problem is being caused by a spring mechanism or another isolated part of the door which can easily be repaired, or perhaps a part can be replaced to get your door back up and running.

Should you replace your industrial door?

If your industrial door has taken considerable damage, it may need to be completely replaced.

Another point to consider is the age of your industrial doors. Old doors are more likely to need replacing due to wear and tear, and it may be in your best interests to do so. Newer doors can offer better functionality and more security. And if your warehouse, shop or premises has been broken into already, that’s a strong sign that it’s time to get better, more secure doors installed. Not only will this make your building more secure and protect your property, but you’ll benefit from more peace of mind.

Installing a replacement industrial door is also a great opportunity to change the look of your building and install a door that better represents your brand and gives visitors a great first impression of your business.

If the damage or fault with your door cannot be isolated to one particular part or mechanism, the whole door may need to be replaced – and it could be more cost-effective to do this, depending on exactly what damage has been done.

Is it more cost-effective to get your industrial door repaired or to have a new door installed?

Whether you get your industrial door repaired or install a new one depends on the damage or problem with your existing door. Widespread damage could be more expensive to repair than installing a new door. If your doors are old and insecure, it may be worth the extra cost to keep your business and your employees safe from both malfunctioning doors and break-ins.

Regardless of the damage, don’t try to fix the door yourself. It may not be safe and it could cause more damage to your door – and more expense for you in the long run.

If your industrial door needs to be repaired or replaced – or you’re not sure which and you need some expert advice – we’re here to help. Contact us online or call 01536 482187 to talk to us about our industrial door repair and installation services.