Posted on: 25 January 2021
Nergeco C-Freezer 2 Cold Chain Door

Stanair supplies and installs a range of industrial doors and security products from many trusted brands, one of which is Nergeco. Founded in 1981, Nergeco provides industrial doors that are safe and flexible, with fast opening and closing functionality, created with energy saving in mind. Read on to find out why a Nergeco door could be right for your building.

Cold Chain Doors

We offer a range of cold chain doors ideal for keeping your refrigerators and freezers at the right temperature. The Nergeco C-Arctic 5 Cold Chain Door is designed for deep-freeze environments and can separate two freezer areas without condensation build-up. It offers high resistance to extreme cold temperatures and is made from a composite material that provides low temperature conductivity. It’s built to be durable and features a just-in-time opening cycle to keep exposure to a minimum and reduce energy waste and costs.

Meanwhile, the Nergeco C-Chill 5 Cold Chain Door is a fold-up door for controlled chilled areas. The curtain can be fitted with windows to allow you to see oncoming traffic.

If you need a door for use between chilled and deep-freeze environments, the Nergeco C-Freezer 2 Cold Chain Door will do the job. Its Trekking fold-up technology provides smooth operation and a longer lifespan so you can rely on this door for years to come. The Nergeco C-Freezer 5 Cold Chain Door is also designed for to sit between chilled and deep-freeze environments, but it is installed inside the freezer area only.

All Nergeco cold chain doors can reduce energy consumption by up to 32%.

High Speed Doors

The Nergeco R-Forum 5 High Speed Door is designed for intensive use in industry, logistics or wholesale environments. It features auto reinsertion technology, which enables the curtain to reset itself in the event of a crash. The curtain is transparent for viewing oncoming traffic and the door features just-in-time opening to decrease energy costs.

High Speed Doors For Food Processing Applications

The Nergeco R-Food 5 High Speed Door is specially designed with food grade material and features an easy to clean curtain so you can maintain high hygiene standards in your food processing environment. The multi-composite structure offers improved corrosion resistance by up to 45% and the door is built to absorb impact without permanent distortion, ensuring long-term durability.

Clean Room Doors

For clean environments, we can install the Nergeco R-Labo 5 Clean Room Door to minimise the risk of contamination. The multi-composite frame is fully compliant with clean environment requirements and the frame is built for durability.

Fold-Up Doors

Nergeco offers a range of weather-resistant fold-up doors ideal for outdoor use. These three products all offer up to class 5 wind resistance, long-lasting durability and a reduction of energy consumption by up to 32%. They also feature horizontal stiffeners to evenly distribute wind load across the whole door. The curtain is available as an insulated double layer to help maintain the temperature of your building.

The Nergeco T-Enduro 2 Fold-Up Door features a self-supporting multi-fold frame made of 3mm-4mm thick steel, allowing for doors up to 11x11 metres.

The Nergeco T-Enduro 5 High Speed Door uses a multi-composite material offering a 45% higher corrosion resistance than stainless steel. This ensures that the door remains fully operational in wet and acidic environments.

Finally, the Nergeco T-Star 2 Fold-Up Door is suitable for openings up to 6m x 6m, features an anti-fall crossbeam, and the curtain has a wide-angle vision panel for seeing oncoming traffic.

Whether you need an industrial door for your cold room, freezer room, clean room, or for indoor or outdoor use, Nergeco may have the ideal solution for you. If you would like advice on choosing a Nergeco industrial door for your premises and installation from an expert team, get in touch with us online or call 01536 482187.