Posted on: 05 February 2021
Giesse Fold-Up High Speed Door

Giesse is one of several trusted industrial door manufacturers whose products are supplied by Stanair. The Italian door manufacturer was founded in 2001, establishing its UK base in 2015 and have been a trusted Stanair supplier since 2017 offering a product range including high speed doors and logistics equipment such as loading bays, sectional doors and dock shelters. Read on to find out which Giesse industrial doors may be suitable for your needs.

Giesse High Speed Doors For Refrigerators

Giesse AUTO Frigo high speed doors are designed specifically for compartmentalising refrigerated rooms or controlled temperature rooms from -5 to +20 degrees. They offer excellent insulation to keep food and supplies at the perfect temperature, while saving you money and energy.

Giesse Roll Up High Speed Doors

Giesse AUTO Full roll-up high speed doors aren't just fast - they are self-repairing and can be used for a wide range of industrial applications, as well as both internally and externally. Use these doors to separate two different work environments or manage the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Giesse High Speed Doors For Pharmaceutical Applications

Keeping your environment sterile is one of the most important issues when working in pharmaceuticals. Giesse AUTO Pharma high speed doors are designed with this in mind, thanks to their high speed and airtight closing. They prevent contamination and are also easy to clean, with no protrusions.

Giesse High Speed Doors For Logistics

The Giesse Dual Air high speed door can be used for a number of applications, but is particularly suited to logistics environments. It features a flexible yet self-bearing structure with high stability and wind resistance. They are custom-made to suit the size, colour and interface you need.

Giesse High Speed Doors For Vast Openings

If you have a big space to fill, the Giesse Dual Big high speed door may be appropriate. Made for vast openings, these doors are ideal for use in recycling centres, waste plants, bus depots, cement works and higher wind catchment areas. They are cheap to maintain, waterproof and built to the highest standards.

Giesse Fold-Up High Speed Doors

Giesse Fold-Up high speed doors offer excellent insulation and air flow reduction, as well as class 2 wind resistance. They are designed for heavy use and appropriate for application across a range of industries.

Giesse Spin-Up and Spin Pro High Speed Doors

Giesse Spin Pro high speed doors offer excellent durability and flexibility, with a self-bearing structure. In the event of impact, the mantle is naturally distorted meaning no repair is necessary.

Meanwhile, Giesse Spin-Up high speed doors are ideal for a wide range of indoor industrial and business applications, and feature a customised curtain with silk-screen painting or digital printing.

Both types of door are custom-made according to the size and design you need.

If you would like advice on choosing a Giesse high speed industrial door for your premises and installation from an expert team, get in touch with us online or call 01536 482187.