Posted on: 22 May 2017

Keeping your cool when the heat is on with Trackless Barrier Systems
The British Summer may be unpredictable but with increased hours of sunshine and warmer temperatures businesses are considering different security options for their goods in/goods out doors...

Busy working environments, such as warehouses, can experience high temperature rises throughout the summer. Our trackless barrier systems can help ventilate warm areas, allow fresh air in, whilst protecting premises from intruders. They also prevent site visitors from entering the building from the wrong direction and potentially walking close to operating machinery.

The barrier system gates are made from steel and offer the highest level of protection. Should you need, to use the doorway or window, they can be easily folded away.

Think our trackless barrier systems may be something your business could benefit from? Give us a call in the Stanair office today on 01536 482187 to see how we can help you keep cool and secure this Summer.