Posted on: 19 January 2018
The importance of door maintenance

You’ve just had a brand new industrial door installed by Stanair – fantastic! Your door will be in perfect working order and ready to be used but, it’s important to make sure you have proper maintenance checks in place.

Doors are often one of the most used items on a premises, with them being the access points to the offices or the warehouse. A high level of usage means that the door can be worked very hard, with some being opened and closed hundreds of times in one day alone. Regular maintenance checks ensure that the door is still working at its optimum and also any signs of wear can be spotted early on, avoiding larger repair costs in the future.

Regular checks can also assist in increasing the longevity of a door’s life, and a qualified Engineer will also be able to properly advise you on ways you can take care of your door between checks.

Electrically operated doors should be checked at least once a year in line with the Machinery Directive and HSE regulations. A competent or qualified Engineer can complete these checks. A fully qualified Engineer will be able to understand the components of your door and safely undertake any work that may need to be done.

Do you need to book your industrial door(s) in for a maintenance check and keep yourself legal? Contact us online for Industrial Door Servicing or get in touch with your local Stanair Depot directly to arrange a callout.

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