Posted on: 18 August 2020
Nergeco T-Enduro 5 High Speed Door

Eco-friendliness is an important issue for businesses right now, with 45% of UK purchasers actively interested in buying products that are better for the environment. From manufacturing to packing to shipping, there are many ways in which businesses can reduce their impact on the environment throughout the supply chain. 

Here are a few ways in which you can make your warehouse more environmentally friendly and lower your carbon footprint, as well as your energy costs.

Install industrial doors that keep your warehouse warm in winter

Keeping your warehouse warm in winter is one way to reduce your carbon footprint as it means you can use less energy heating it. One way to keep your warehouse warm is to use wind-resistant, weather-proof doors to keep your workers and machinery protected from the elements. The Nergeco T-Enduro 5 Fold-Up Door offers up to class 5 wind resistance and would be a good choice to consider.

High-speed doors open and close quickly to allow the retention of heat within the building and prevent cold air from entering the building. This helps to keep your warehouse – and your workers – at a comfortable temperature. We work with a range of suppliers to provide rapid action doors for warehouses that help to minimise temperature loss and energy waste, providing doors for a variety of industry sectors.

Insulated roller shutter doors from IRSP are also available, providing the structural security benefits of roller shutters with EcoTech foam infills to minimise energy loss.

Install personnel doors to minimise the use of external doors for foot traffic

If you don’t have a personnel door installed by your warehouse goods in/goods out door opening for your workers to pass safely through, we would strongly recommend it. Not only does it keep people safe from operating vehicles moving through the warehouse, but it reduces the number of times that a door needs to be opened for personnel to pass through which in turn reduces energy-loss and helps with cost savings.

Reduce energy wastage with the right cold room doors

If you have a refrigerated area, freezer or cold room, part of being eco-friendly and keeping energy costs low will be to ensure the cold temperature you need doesn’t escape from the area, so that your energy is used as efficiently as possible. Cold Chain Doors from our suppliers such as Giesse, Infraca and Nergeco can help. They are specifically designed for these environments and open and close just-in-time to keep the cold air in and the warmer air out.

Secure your windows and access points to reduce the need for air conditioning

Installing window security shutters can help you to keep your warehouse cool without worrying about the security of your premises. This can help you to reduce the amount of energy you use because you can cool the room by opening the windows rather than using air conditioning. Choose from security shutters, removable or fixed bars, or folding or retractable grilles.

These products don’t have to be unsightly and can in fact be attractive additions to your windows and are available in a range of colours.

Sliding Trackless Gates are also a good choice for providing good airflow and security for your warehouse access points. As explained in our previous article, Why Sliding Trackless Gates Could Be The Answer To Your Security Needs, the gates are made up of lattice sections which allow for airflow through the access points whilst providing a suitable deterrent to potential burglars.

Here are some other useful tips for improving energy efficiency and enjoying long-term cost savings.

Use – and control – lower energy lighting

Warehouses can require a lot of light, but you can reduce your energy costs and your impact on the environment by using lower wattage lightbulbs. LED lighting could reduce your costs by up to 50%, while motion sensor lighting can help to reduce energy by only activating the lighting when it’s needed.

Insulate your warehouse

To reduce the amount of heat and energy escaping through your walls, consider installing insulation or improving the insulation you already have. You could also consider using partition walls to create smaller spaces and better contain energy, or only heat or cool the areas you really need to.

Build upwards instead of outwards

If you need to expand your warehouse, consider building upwards – using mezzanine floors to create more space – rather than extending the ground floor of your warehouse outwards. Also consider how much new space you need and the cost of heating or keeping it cool – it may be more efficient to do this by adding height to your existing warehouse rather than more square footage on the ground floor.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Another way to go greener is to reduce the amount of waste you use, and to recycle the material you do use where you can. Not only does this mean you use less materials such as paper and plastic, but it can also make items less heavy to ship, and these small alterations can add up to significant change.

Here at Stanair, we are big believers in recycling and reducing waste. When we install parts such as new motors on industrial doors, the old components return with us to Stanair’s head office. This allows for the materials to be disposed of in the correct manner, including the breaking down of component parts for recycling.

Find out more about our commitment to caring for the environment and our involvement with The Green Organisation

If you would like to install more eco-friendly industrial doors in your warehouse to reduce energy costs and help lower your carbon footprint, contact us online or call 01536 482187.