Posted on: 09 February 2021
Dock Loading - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

Dock loading solutions are made up of a range of systems and accessories and can be implemented for warehouses, hangars, agricultural units, factories, boat yards and other buildings. The right dock loading system can help you to streamline your logistics and complete your loading and unloading operations in a safe, economical and environmentally-friendly manner.

If you are looking for a new dock loading system for your business, here are several issues you may be looking to tackle, and how you can do so with the right dock loading solution.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety

For busy areas with a lot of vehicular traffic and pedestrians, consider using wheel guides and bollards. These help direct the traffic and keep staff on foot safe – and they reduce risk of damage to your building and dock, too. Other safety accessories include movement detectors and non-slip surfaces.

Damage Reduction

Sliding buffers can help to keep your premises safe from collision and reduce damage. Add to this, vehicle detection buffers can be connected to traffic lights to create a safer working environment.


If hygiene is particularly important to you – for example if you operate within the food or pharmaceutical industry – a retractable dock shelter may be suitable. A retractable dock shelter adjusts to fit the body of the vehicle, offering a high sealing solution to provide insulation and protect goods when loading and unloading. This prevents air, water, dust and insects from contaminating goods and your premises.

Energy and Cost Saving

Inflatable or retractable dock shelters also provide excellent thermal insulation to help seal your environment and save both money and energy.

Weather Protection

To further save money and energy and protect your premises from the elements, our dock loading solutions are available with weather seals.

Accommodating Different Vehicle Sizes

Many of our dock loading solutions feature adjustable heights and widths to cater for the sizes of your vehicles. Inflatable dock shelters are a great choice for businesses where vehicle heights and widths vary.

For further customisation, our equipment is available in a range of configurations to suit your premises, including roller shutter or sectional doors, hydraulic or telescopic ramps, and more.

Stanair provides dock levellers, dock shelters, loading dock doors, dock loading bay systems and a wide range of accessories. All of our dock loading solutions conform to CE regulations and health, safety and environmental protection standards.

If you would like advice on choosing a dock loading solution for your premises, get in touch with us online or call 01536 482187.