Posted on: 13 October 2020
Infraca Cold Room High Speed Door

Whether you need to refrigerate food, meat, fish, pharmaceuticals or other supplies, keeping your stock at the right temperature is vital. The right cold room door can play a big part in maintaining a good temperature while saving you money and energy. If you need a new cold room door, here are five tips for choosing the best one for you.

Consider what height you need

One of the first things to find out is what size you need your door to be. How high do you need the door to be to accommodate forklift trucks, for example?

Understand which doors are best for which applications

Some cold room doors are designed for the entrance to your cold room or refrigerator from room temperature areas, while others are designed for between chilled areas or chilled and frozen areas. Do you need to compartmentalise your chilled areas? The Nergeco C-Freezer 2 Cold Chain Door is designed to separate chilled environments from frozen. Meanwhile, the Giesse AUTO Frigo high speed door can be used to compartmentalise refrigerated environments.

Look at high speed doors

Cold room doors can help you save energy and money by reducing energy loss, which is helped with their high speeds. When choosing your cold room door, review the speeds of the doors you are considering and bear in mind that high speed doors are very efficient in terms of operation, as well as money and energy saving – so the specification of your chosen door is important.

Consider what insulation you need

Different cold room doors come with different insulation. For example, the Giesse AUTO Frigo high speed door features an insulating sandwich material made from a double layer of polyester. Meanwhile, the Nergeco C-Chill 5 cold chain door features a double layer curtain with integrated air mattress and a frame that creates a natural thermal barrier. The Nergeco C-Freezer 2 cold chain door features a triple layer curtain. It’s worth considering these features and bearing insulation in mind when reviewing your options.

Review additional features

Some doors come with additional benefits, such as food grade materials and windows for added safety. The Infraca cold room rapid roll-up door ensures there is no icing of essential components or the passageway. For food safety, the Nergeco C-Chill 5 cold chain door is made from food grade material to minimise the risk of contamination in food applications. Finally, some curtains, including the Nergeco C-Chill 5, feature a window so you can see oncoming traffic.

Stanair installs high speed cold room doors from manufacturers including Giesse, Infraca, Nergeco and more. If you would like advice on choosing a cold room door for your premises and installation from an expert team, get in touch with us online or call 01536 482187.