Posted on: 29 November 2019
Roller Shutter - Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd

Whether you have roller shutter doors, fire doors, high speed doors, industrial sliding doors or any other industrial doors, their functionality is essential for keeping your business running. A door is something people take for granted until suddenly it isn’t functioning as it should – and then you’re faced with a real problem. Take a look at these five signs you may need a new industrial door installed, and see if any of them ring true for you.

1. The door doesn’t open, shut or lock properly

Of course, if your industrial door doesn’t perform the basic functionality of opening and closing in the way that it should, it’s important to get it looked at, and if you can’t shut the door to your premises this may require an emergency callout. If your door has been causing problems for a while now, you shouldn’t have to tolerate it. You may be able to have the door repaired, but it may also be a good opportunity to reflect on whether any of the following problems also apply to your door, and whether you should invest in a new one to improve the productivity, security and energy efficiency of your business.

2. The door is letting in cold air

A well-insulated door can reduce your energy costs and keep everyone inside warm and happy. Older industrial doors may not be as energy efficient as newer models, which not only keep the cold out but are made to better withstand adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain. There are many options available for further protecting your premises from the cold, including weather seals and insulated curtains.

3. The door opens and shuts too quickly or too slowly

Even high speed doors shouldn’t operate at such high speeds that they become dangerous to people around them. Likewise, if a door is not responding to a button push as quickly as is used to, this can be frustrating and impact on your productivity. If your doors are lacking in either safety or functionality (or both) because of their speed, it may be time to repair or replace them.

4. The door makes unwelcome noises when in operation

Along with the words “this door is broken”, there are some things you just don’t want to hear when it comes to your building’s security. Among those things are noises such as grating, grinding, banging or squeaking coming from your industrial door. If your door is making any noises that it wasn’t making before, this could be a sign of disrepair. It may be that the door can be repaired, but if it’s too damaged you’ll need to think about getting a new one installed.

5. The door doesn’t look secure or in keeping with your building

Though the phrase “substance over style” certainly rings true, the appearance of your door could be the cause of a few problems. Naturally, it’s best to have a door that looks in keeping with your building and gives a good impression to any visitors you may have – whether they are customers, suppliers or anyone else. A great industrial door will fit in with the style of your building as well as your brand, and it won’t look dated or old. The appearance of your door is also important in terms of security – if your door doesn’t look sturdy or appears to be in disrepair, your business may look like an easy target to an opportunist thief.

How do you know if your door is beyond repair?

It may be that your door doesn’t need to be completely replaced, but that it can be restored to its former glory. If your door is causing you problems, one of our professional engineers will be able to assess the problem and repair or replace the door as required.

To reduce the risk of your door becoming damaged beyond repair, it’s a good idea to get your industrial doors serviced. Regular servicing limits the amount of downtime to your business, and at Stanair our priority is to ensure that should you have any trouble with your industrial doors, you can carry on with business as usual as soon as possible.

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