Posted on: 14 July 2020
Xonar 964 Series Bolt-On Security Shutter

When it comes to managing your warehouse, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of your warehouse security. Often, valuable goods are stored in warehouses and a loss of those goods, due to unforeseen circumstances, can easily turn into a costly recovery process.

Likewise, the safety of your warehouse personnel plays a significant role when it comes to securing your warehouse. It’s important to lessen the likelihoods of incidents, injuries and threats and ensure that when these do occur the impact is as minimal as possible. 

Here are the four potential threats to your warehouse security and what you can do to overcome them.

Warehouse Break-Ins

Break-ins and theft are one of the most common external threats to warehouses. Thieves usually target warehouses due to their high volume of inventory and high-value items. This can often lead to losses in both inventory and potential revenue.

One of the ways you can secure your warehouse from break-ins and theft is by installing the right window security for your warehouse, which can come in the form internal removable or fixed windows bars and collapsible gates. 

Window security products can be a cost-efficient way to deter potential burglars from trying to break-in, and in a worst-case scenario it will significantly slow their progress by putting a physical barrier between them and your warehouse stock. Should your warehouse also have integrated electronic security systems, the combination of the alarms and window bars and gates provide ample resistance to the opportunist burglar.

Another way to protect your warehouse is to opt-in for premises security shutters. These can range from aluminium or steel rolling shutters or rolling grilles, providing excellent security in a wide range of colours that match your premises and branding.

Warehouse Vandalism

Besides break-ins and theft, vandalism is also known to be a common threat to your warehouse security. Unsecured access to your warehouse premises makes your premises more prone to external damages. 

Gates and barriers, such as fencing, sliding gates or road barriers can prevent unwanted access or traffic which will also allow you to keep your warehouse secure and monitor who enters and leaves your premises. Security posts can also be used to secure site perimeters outside of working hours, with a range of different types to best suit your premises.

Warehouse Fires

Due to the large amount of tightly-packed goods in warehouses, even a small fire can have a devastating impact. It is important that fire risk assessments are always carried out to secure inventory but and to keep warehouse personnel safe.

Having secure but easy to operate fire exit doors installed is extremely important as it will allow personnel to safely but quickly escape in case a fire should break out. These doors are clear signposted and their strong, fire resistant structure helps to contain the fire once personnel have evacuated the warehouse.

Heavy Usage of Warehouse Access Points

An often-overlooked threat to warehouse security, heavy usage of access points can cause warehouse doors to wear out over time, which may cause security risks for your premises. Having your industrial doors serviced on an annual basis plays an important part in keeping your warehouse premises, employees and goods safe and secure.

Should the worst happen, and your doors do malfunction such as being unable to fully close the warehouse doors or shutters, we are here to help. Stanair offers an emergency industrial door repair service, guaranteeing to repair or secure your warehouse door on our first visit – or you don’t pay a penny.

Our engineers aim to be on-site to emergency calls within 2 hours and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving you peace of mind that you are one call away from having secure warehouse access points.

If you would like to know more about our wide range of industrial security products - and how we can help you minimise threats to your warehouse security - contact us online or call 01536 482187 for a free consultation.