Posted on: 08 March 2021
Infraca Clean Room High Speed Door

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are several considerations unique to your environment that you will need to take into account when choosing a new industrial door. Read on to find out what you should look for in a new clean room door and which products may be able to fulfil those needs.

1 - Rapid Closing

Any door you choose for your clean room will need to be fast closing in order to protect your sterile lab environment. The faster the door opens and closes, the less time your lab will be exposed to the risk of contaminants such as dust, airborne germs and bacteria. The doors should also be airtight to further reduce the risk of these contaminants entering the lab.

2 - Easy Cleaning

Your doors are part of your clean room, and therefore, they also need to be as clean as possible. This means choosing a door that is smooth with no protrusions, so that the door is easy to clean.

3 - Good Insulation

You may need to keep your lab at a particular temperature. Again, a fast closing door will help with this. However, you can also help to keep your lab at the right temperature by choosing a door with good insulation. This will help to keep the warm or cold air out, and it will also help you to keep costs down by saving energy. Your carbon footprint could also be improved by using a well-insulated door.

Clean Room Doors From Stanair

Our clean room doors address all of the above concerns so you can operate your pharmaceutical business with peace of mind. Take a look at some of the clean room doors we can provide from trusted manufacturers:

Giesse Clean Room Doors

AUTO Pharma® hermetic high speed doors by Giesse are airtight with fast opening and closing, with no protrusions. They need little operating room and have been tested to ensure they reach the highest possible standards.

Infraca Clean Room Doors

The Infraca clean room rapid roll-up door can be used to divide your work areas and section off your clean room area, thanks to its airlock system. It is designed for use in high traffic areas and features a hygienic design according to ISO 14644-1 standard and class 2 wind resistance.

Nergeco Clean Room Doors

Nergeco continues to provide innovative designs tailored specifically to the pharmaceutical industry. The Nergeco R Labo 5 Clean Room Door offers enhanced sealing and pressure resistance, as well as just-in-time opening for reducing contamination risk. The multi composite frame is smooth surfaced and weld-free, ensuring full compliance with the requirements of clean environments. It is also built for durability, with the frame material being corrosion and paint free. The side guides are built to absorb impact without becoming permanently distorted.

Our clean room doors have a range of benefits and are ideal for high traffic usage environments. If you need a new clean room door for your pharmaceutical business, contact us online or call 01536 482187 for a free consultation.