Xpanda trackless gate helping to protect a site in Kettering
If you are looking for a way to boost your physical security which won’t break the bank, then you should consider investing in a set of Xpanda trackless gates. These gates offer you a space saving deterrent to opportunist thieves as well as helping you restrict access to sites or areas from unauthorised personnel. Read on to find out more about these versatile steel gates. 
These steel gates are lightweight and manually controlled. Using a standard locking system, they offer an extra level of security to sites such as shop windows, pharmacies, catering facilities, factories and motorway concession stands. Their lattice design creates an aesthetically pleasing look whilst also allowing for maximum ventilation between areas. 
This has been especially useful for one of our customers which operates a garage. They wanted a security solution which would assist them in securing high risk areas which could pose a threat to customer safety – such as vehicle pits and car ramps as well as providing excellent ventilation against fumes. 
Another customer wished to ensure that their warehouse remained cool, airy and well-lit throughout the summer months whilst not compromising on security. These gates then provided an effective solution to the problem of keeping their high value stock safe from passing opportunists whilst allowing them to keep the warehouse door open. 
Easily adaptable to any size opening, this physical security solution is easy to operate and offers an unobtrusive look and, due to its trackless operation, means that it can folded away to provide maximum visibility. To help manage with larger gaps, the gate also comes with the option of wheels which aid in easy operation. 
If you want to increase your security but it is your windows or displays which need the extra protection, then you should consider installing window security grilles. Working along the same principle as their larger cousins, these grilles offer an extra layer of security for your vulnerable windows– perfect if you cannot fit security shutters on the outside of your premises. Acting as a visible deterrent, these grilles prevent entry from the outside yet also allow in the maximum levels of light and ventilation. This means that you can open your windows and still feel safe and secure. 
There are a lot of choices available to you when it comes to protecting your site and staff and sometimes this can feel a little overwhelming. That is where our expert surveyors can be of assistance. Over our 50 years, we have built up the experience necessary to best advise you on the best possible options for you and your business. 
Contact us today to arrange your free site visit in which our experts will visit your site and offer you the benefit of their extensive expertise when it comes to the optimal ways to secure your site whilst also being mindful of your budgets. 
Call 01536 482187or visit www.stanair.co.uk today to explore all your options for yourself or to arrange your visit today and start benefiting from greater safety, security and peace of mind… 
An man afixing his security posts
Aesthetically pleasing but also serving as a deterrent to potential thieves, Xpanda gates are a way to help protect your site without damaging your budget. 
Sliding security gates installed at a site in Coventry
Xpanda gates can be a great way to restrict access to your site whilst also allowing the free movement of air 
Car park barriers at a site in Milton Keynes
An Xpanda gate can help deter opportunists from targeting your site 
A trackless gate can be an effective deterrent against theft and help to protect any vulnerable glass doors or windows. 
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