Posted on: 06 October 2016

Stanair supports Abbz in her race to the top
When Stanair supports individuals, teams, organisations or communities we like to share updates throughout the year on their progress and their success.

We were delighted to hear from Abigail ‘Abbz’ Thomas - a very talented young motorcyclist who has a promising career in the sport ahead of her and who Stanair is proud to support.

Abbz recently competed in the British Mini Bike (BMB) Championships at Whilton Locks, near Daventry. Unfortunately, she was faced with a small number of technical challenges across the weekend, and the unpredictable, ever-changing weather added into the mix certainly didn’t make the races easy!

Abbz persevered, dug deep, and gave it her all in each race. The end of the weekend left Abbz sitting 4th place in the championship, but with the most race wins overall.

A couple of weeks later, we were delighted to hear that she guested in the prestigious British Superbike (BSB) Cool Fab Adult PB140 Races, with a dispensation to her age due to her impressive race results and championship.

Riding against those who compete in BSB Stock 600/1000 races and the BSB Moto 3, Abbz raised the bar to a whole new level. She rose to the challenge and became the first female to ever win a BSB Cool Fab race - also winning the round outright with a 1st Place and two 2nds.

Following this success she is now going to compete in further BSB Cool Fab rounds and has been invited to race abroad next year in a Spanish championship round.

More fantastic results for Abbz, well done to you and your team from all of us at Stanair and we look forward to receiving more exciting updates soon.