Posted on: 25 January 2017
Innovation in the pharmaceutical sector

After 35 years of manufacturing high-end rapid action doors Nergeco Entrematic have the technical skill and experience to fulfil the array of requirements todays various industrial sectors demand.

So, when Simon Barnicoat, Regional Sales Manager, and the rest of the Stanair sales team were invited to the Nergeco HQ to see the latest developments they jumped at the chance!

“There is no doubt that Nergeco is a leader in its field.” said Simon “Our partnership with them means that we have our finger on the pulse of the latest models available and this visit gives us the chance to share our expertise with them on what our customers need from their doors.”

Of particular interest were the latest innovations in doors specifically tailored to the Pharmaceutical Industry. With the expansion of Stanair’s services into Cambridge, an area popular with the pharmaceutical sector, our ability to provide the very best solutions to the industries in that region was uppermost in out their minds.

“For most processes, Nergeco Entrematic innovates again with theflexible, light and multi-directional contact detection of its Intelligent Curtain which provides you with maximum safety and minimum maintenance costs, while at the same time being fully suited to its working environment.” Said Simon “The pharmaceutical sector, which is experiencing high growth in areas such as Cambridgeshire is turning to Nergeco doors and that’s why we are delighted to see so many of our customers benefit from this intelligent curtain.”

Innovation in the pharmaceutical sector