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Fire doors and other fire-rated products are a crucial element of safety within any building and the benefits of proactively maintaining them should not be underestimated.  
But what is a fire-rated product and how can their regular maintenance through Stanair keep you not only legally compliant but also ensure that your site, staff and product will receive the best protection possible if the worst should happen? 
Read on to find out more… 
What is a fire door exactly? 
Fire doors are specially constructed doors which are designed to compartmentalise a building in the case of a fire. Basically, these doors work as an effective barrier against the spread of smoke, fumes and flames across the premises and allow for safe evacuation.  
If an area of your premises is at especial risk from a fire – a kitchen area for example – then fire rated shutters and doors or fire and smoke curtains can offer optimum protection for you and your staff. 
All fire doors have a special fire rating which indicates how long they can perform their duty – this can be up to four hours depending on the type of product and where it is placed.  
Fire Doors can range from special roller shutters and fire rated doors to fire and smoke curtains. However, all share a similar purpose – to compartmentalise a fire and its effects. 
Fire doors should not be confused with a fire exit door. Fire exit doors are designed to help assist in quick evacuation in case of emergency – you can learn more about them here in our special blog. 
How often should you have your fire door tested? 
We recommend that you arrange for your fire products to be fully serviced every six months.  
Afterall, if your fire door fails to work during a fire, it can no longer offer its protection to you and your staff. 
Therefore, it is essential to not only ensure that the fire door activates as it should when the fire alarm sounds but is mechanically sound and not suffering from any wear and tear. It is crucial to only use a competent professional to conduct those tests as their trained and experienced eye will be able to spot not only any current but also potential future issues. 
What fire rated and fire resistant products can Stanair service and repair? 
Our trained engineers can perform emergency repairs, servicing and testing of a wide range of fire rated products including fire curtains, fire shutters, fire doors and smoke curtains.  
Our LPS 1197 certification means that our experts have been trained in how to thoroughly test your equipment and ensure that it is working to its optimum efficiency. Our experts can also identify any areas of fault in the door or mechanism which could lead to a costly emergency repair or worse yet, the failure of your product to perform as expected- thus potentially placing your site, staff and stock at risk. Our experts can quote for the repairs or replacements needed right there and then with no obligation to you. 
Make no mistake. Fires can, and do, cause extreme damage. Our experts can help you ensure that, if the worst should happen, your fire rated products can offer you, your site, staff and stock, the best protection possible. 
Why should you use Stanair to service your fire products? 
Peace of mind. Let’s be clear. Our engineers are competent professionals who have been specially trained in the safe service and repair of fire products. In fact, for the last ten years Stanair has been accredited LPS 1197 by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) who, since 1921, have been assessing companies to ensure they maintain the highest standards. 
Our trained engineers can service, maintain and repair a wide variety of fire door and fire safety products. These include fire curtains, fire resistant and fire rated doors and fire rated shutters. From shutters in kitchens and serveries to fire rated shutters separating sections in a factory, our LLPS 1197 rating means that you can safe in the knowledge that your product has been rigorously tested and registered as an asset with the BRE -proving that you used a trained expert to conduct a full service. 
Want to explore which fire rated or fire resistant product would be right for you and your site? Contact us today to arrange a free site visit where our experts can offer you a quote based on their assessment of your premises’ needs. 
Already have fire rated products and want to enjoy full peace of mind? Call Stanair today to arrange your next service and, don’t forget to call us in for any aspect of fire door repair. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
A fire exit door pictured next to a fire door. Both have an important role in case of an emergency.  
An man afixing his security posts
Left: An old fire roller shutter in Warwickshire that needed replacing.  
Right: The new fire rated shutter that we installed. 
Sliding security gates installed at a site in Coventry
A smoke and fire curtain is a great way to protect your site from the effects of a fire 
Car park barriers at a site in Milton Keynes
Fire shutters can be a real life-saver. Make sure you service yours regulary 
Make sure that only you use experts to service, repair and assess your doors - our engineers are specially trained and accedredited to LPS 1197 standards 
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