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Robinsons Kimbolton has a long and proud history, tracing its roots back to the end of the First World War. This family company has been a staple of Kimbolton life since then providing garage repairs, coach hires, fuel and, more recently, a thriving Budgens shop. 
The company have undergone many changes in their over eighty years of existence, but one thing that has never changed is their commitment to quality, service and experience. Stanair was therefore delighted to be able to help a local company that shares the same values which we hold dear. 
Any resident of Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire would have seen their well-maintained fleet and uniformed drivers on the roads. Usually, the coaches are carrying school children however this is not the only work that the coach side of the business carries out. Fancy a day trip to Southend? Perhaps you would rather visit London or Canterbury? Robinsons can deliver. 
Their flagship tour to Savill Gardens boasts not only a ploughman’s lunch, a cream tea but also a Thames River cruise – and all at a surprisingly affordable price. Robinsons are justifiably proud of not only their competitive prices but also their dedication to providing a first-class customer experience – no matter whether on an excursion, a corporate event or travelling to the airport. Communication with the customer is key – in this way, they can anticipate any potential issues and ensure that they deliver exactly what the customer requires; all in a friendly, helpful and polite manner. 
During major refurbishments in 2013, the fuel forecourt was removed, and this allowed for the opening of the Robinsons Kimbolton Budgens. The store offers freshly baked bread, competitive prices and a wide range of fresh products. Given Kimbolton’s rural location, this store acts as a local lifeline for the community. Just a cursory glance at the comments on their website ( and Facebook page show how valued this store is to the local community and their car park is certainly a hive of activity. 
As if all this was not enough, the garage part of the business has been in operation since 1927 and offers quality and affordable repairs, a courtesy car and a fair-trading pledge. You can’t ask for any fairer than that! And it was with the garage where Stanair were called in to help… 
The garage workshop was protected by a beautiful teak framed door. The only issue was that it had been in situ for 86 years. A beauty certainly but it was showing its age. The sliding door was very heavy, was sticking on its rails and becoming increasingly difficult to open and close securely. It was time to modernise and Robinsons turned to Stanair for advice. We advised a new electrical Insulated sectional overhead door to replace their current sliding door. One feature of the old door was its glazed glass panels. Charles (the current MD) was sad to lose this source of natural light in the workshop. With the installation of a panoramic sectional overhead with vision windows, we were able to maintain the current levels of light whilst not compromising on safety and security. 
Now the workshop benefits from an effective, modern and energy-saving door which we hope will continue to serve them well as they move into the future. 
Charles Robinson, Managing Director, commented that “I am delighted with the new doors, they are good quality and fit in well with the building. The new doors operation will improve the efficiency of the business. Stanair were great to deal with all through the process.” 
We at Stanair could not be prouder of helping this company to continue to grow and thrive and we wish them every luck for the future. If you are interested in finding out more about what Robinsons can offer you whether you wish to use their services or even work for them, please visit their website ( 
Want to save energy at your own site? Want to achieve a modern look? Whatever you want, Stanair can help. Just call one of our friendly team or visit to arrange a free no-obligation quote. Our independent status means that you can be sure that we will give you fair and honest advice at the best possible prices. 
Before and After picture of the old glass door and the new Panoramic Sectional Overhead door in grey
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