With the current times stretching everyone’s budgets, it can be easy to miss off your Industrial Door servicing to help cut down on budget costs however, this short term thinking can be a false economy. 
Our services help to ensure that any mechanical issues are spotted before they become a problem and cause costly emergency call outs, loss of production time or, even worse, hurt someone. 
Stanair’s experienced engineers inspect each door, engine and component individually meaning that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your doors are safe, secure and running smoothly. 
For many years, Freefoam have used Stanair’s expert professionals to annually service and maintain both their manual and electronic Industrial Roller Shutter and their High-Speed Doors at their Northampton site and we are very proud to help keep their business running smoothly. 
With its origins in Cork, Ireland, Freefoam began trading back in 1990. Since then, they have enjoyed rapid growth and now have become a multi-national organisation with manufacturing and distribution bases across the UK, Europe and Ireland. They are a leading manufacturer of PVC-UE & PVC-U fascia, soffit, gutter and cladding products. 
Freefoam’s PVC products offer house builders, local authorities, developers and installers a high-quality, low-maintenance alternative to conventional timber, backed by industry-leading guarantees. Freefoam’s products are stylish, versatile and come in a large range of colours and designs to add style and definition to residential and commercial buildings. 
We help in this endeavour through our recommendations and advice on how best to maximise their access efficiency and safety. Our engineers use an extensive checklist to inspect each door and ensure that each component is operational and fit for purpose. As well as this, they can use their experience and expertise to recommend repairs and actions to you. Brilliant! 
On our most recent servicing visit, as well as investigating their doors’ fall-back protections and mechanical functions, we were also able to help them with the repairs on one of their High-Speed Doors which had suffered an impact. The door had suffered damage to its wind bars, safety edge and the windy weather was not helping. 
The lack of wind bars meant that the door was vulnerable to the vagaries of the wind (think of a giant sail on a ship) and a large gust could push the door out of its side tracks. Certainly not an ideal situation. Our engineer Jack advised replacing the curtain of the door rather than trying to repair the broken bars. The quote was agreed, the new parts ordered and the date set for the installation. 
When they arrived on site, the engineers had to first remove the old and damaged curtain from the barrel. Since the doorway was five metres high, this meant heading up in the scissor lift. Luckily, neither Reg and Josh (the engineers responsible) are afraid of heights! Once the old curtain was safely removed and stowed away, the new curtain was ready to be installed. With a new safety edge, brush strip and C rail, their new curtain was tested and pronounced ready to go. And, it looks great! 
Paul Malivoire, Freefoam Maintenance Manager, had this to say about Stanair’s services…” We’re really pleased with the new curtain and safety mechanism on our High Speed Doors. Our production facility operates 24/7 so the doors are in constant use. It is essential they are kept secure and in good working order to ensure the efficiency of our operation and the safety of our employees. I have had dealings with Stanair for over 10 years, from when I was Engineering manager at Elba Ltd in Wellingborough Northants, so I know the service well and our current contract ensures we monitor and maintain all access doors to a high standard – I’d definitely recommend them” 
Finally, regular servicing can save you time and money as well as giving you the peace of mind that your access equipment is compliant with the latest Health and Safety regulations, is running at peak efficiency and is as safe as can be. 
Visit us at www.stanair.co.uk to see what doors we can open for you. 
Far too often, our engineers are called out to repair a door that has not been serviced or maintained for many years. A yearly service by one of our experts can help save you time and money in the long run as well as ensuring its safe use for you, your staff and customers. 
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