Posted on: 01 April 2016

Warners Group Publication Industrial Door

Stanair Supplies Nergeco High Speed Door For Specialist Magazine Publisher

As a business, Stanair are not only remembered for our comprehensive range of Access and Security products, but for our response times and high quality customer service. How do we achieve this well-known response time?

Stanair pride ourselves on our fast response and quality service. So much so that we will not compromise this by trying to travel further than an hour or so from each depot, It was the ‘localness’ of Stanair that first struck a chord with Mark Durno of Warners Group Publication, based in Bourne.

“The Bourne based family firm, which has been trading for over an impressive 80 years, is a magazine publisher specialising in niche titles.” said Mark, who has worked at Warners since early 2000. “We originally started working with Stanair because we are a local company and they are local too.”

Publishing more than 30 magazine titles from a range of both customer and B2B markets, Warners is home to 190 members of staff and also offers a range of publishing services.

Stanair recently supplied and installed a Nergeco High Speed Door, which have high energy retention along with opening at a speedy 1 metre per second.

This job was not the first time Stanair had worked with Warners. “We continue to work with Stanair after many years of working together. Their service and response times are great.

Warners were very happy with Stanair’s work due to our quick response and friendly staff, with Mark adding, “Cam and Simon came to see me and talked through a few minor issues that we had and have now ironed them out. This is how we like to do business and look forward to working with Stanair for many years to come.”

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